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This is a new group for those who wish to heal themselves, their body's, relationships, situations and old things that are keeping things, or systems stuck. Starting with intuitive diagnostics, holographic healing, and many other modalities from Germany will be reviled.

Innerwise originated by Dr. Uwe Albrecht, in Germany, and is now in 41 countries, with over 190 practitioners, mentors and specialists working these tools for phenomenal results.

The great physicians and healers were able to see the human being as a whole, thus making true healing possible.
Innerwise provides us with the internal and external tools to return to a holistic approach to diagnostics and healing so that healing can once again become a art. To really Live! The Healing Game of Life, we can get to the heart of the philosophy of Being, and become empowered to leave our survival mode and return back to life. ...A journey back to yourself—a journey of no return.
Once you’ve experienced what life can truly be, you won’t be able to go back to what you called “life” thus far, which, in reality, was mere survival.

The Exclusive introduction to the Innerwise Academy, the healing tools, the games, and individual sessions is now here and available in Vancouver, how they work, and how you can apply them to your everyday life.

*diagnose organs on all levels (structurally, biochemically, rhythmically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually);
*diagnose functions of the autonomic nervous system;
*identify irritations and disorders in structures and joints;
*diagnose animals, systems and buildings;
*test medication before taking it as to its effectiveness and side effects;
*find out about allergies and intolerances;
*identify deeper causes and the point in time when symptoms and illnesses really began, such as field irritations, irritations of rhythms or systemic interrelations.

To learn more about innerwise and what its all about, please visit our website at: innerwise.com/en

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