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What we’re about

Innerwise® founder Uwe Albretch MD - offers tools and ways to reconnect to the abilities inherent in each of us and reintegrate them into our lives. These are tools whose sole purpose is to be no longer needed. Until we’ve reached that point, these tools accelerate our clearing processes and inner growth.

Innerwise® began with feeling dissatisfied with the scope of possibilities offered by conventional medicine, and the hope to be able to create a kind of medicine that is more in tune with our present time. In developing innerwise, the great challenge was to find the essence of the various healing systems that had evolved in the history of humankind and to make it possible to apply this essence to humans in an easy and simple way; and from that basis, to apply it to everything else, be it animals, plants, teams, companies or organizations, or systems.

“If it’s the essence, it has to be effective everywhere and on all levels.”

Innerwise has touched many people around the world who’ve experienced success using this system. And to date, there are over 140,000 practitioners in many countries. 

These meetups are facilitated by Sharon Plaché - certified coach and mentor for Innerwise® systems.