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This is a new type of meditation group. One that doesn't just allow you to sit there but also enable you to understand the why and how of meditation within the 'modern' world.

We're living in exciting but also precarious times. Is it just about fitting in? Or is it about taking advantage of these opportune times? New technologies out there are helping us achieve connections in ways that we've never allowed to before as well flourish entrepreneurially. So how do we make sense of it all?

It's not as hard as you might think. By harnessing the power of mindfulness you will be able to envision your place within the world a lot easier.

You hear buzz words in the media all the time such as big data, singularity, neuroplasticity, bio-tech and the Internet of Everything. Terms like these will soon invade our everyday lives at every intersection, stemming from innovative "mind-fields". It's about getting ready for these incredible new industries bringing all that understanding under one mindful swoop.

Slowly but surely with these classes you can begin to understand how these bold new industries, mindful approaches and innovative technologies are changing our world tremendously, as well as being able to apply some of these new findings and innovations to your own life.

I have been studying mindfulness and practicing meditation for almost four years now. One of my biggest passions is innovation and technology and how that is igniting not only a new type of mindset and creative freedom but also an entrepreneurial spirit.

Innovators like John Kabbat-Zinn, Dan Siegel, Norman Doidge, Amit Goswami, Vincent Horn have been on the cutting edge of innovation and mindfulness for some time now. Here you'll learn how they are changing the way we live and not only that but incorporating that into your everyday life.

Meditation helped me to make some very big changes in my own life, allowing me to not only accept more but also find a certain peace within. "They" sell you turbulence, but that's just a story. Come and see how meditation can really enable a better life. On top of that I will also show you how a mindful attitude can allow you to see the world and your business in a different way. I have worked for companies like Apple and partnered with companies like Google amongst many other successful ventures. This is a time to explore a whole new way of approaching things.

I propose a 90-minute flexible session, where we spend half hour meditating and then another 60 minutes discussing new topics under the innovation/mindful banner. It's about finding that fresh new approach to your work and personal life.

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