What we're about

Innovation and Beer is the perfect group for you if...

• You are an entrepreneur who has a new business or product idea you'd like to develop and grow.

• You are an investor and want to meet entrepreneurs like the above.

• You want to learn more about innovation because doing so will supercharge your career.

• You are an innovation consultant, coach, trainer, author, speaker, or "aficionado" and want to talk about your innovation approach with others.

• You're looking to hire innovative people. Or you're an innovative person looking to get hired.

Innovation and Beer is simple. Do you like to drink? Do you like innovation? Well, then, come join us!

We get together and drink. And then we talk about innovation. Exchange new insights, reflect real-life experiences, pose new challenges. Beer is our official elixir, but you may substitute your own b.o.c. (beverage-of-choice). Regardless of preference, it's a proven fact: alcohol makes you more creative!

Some call this networking. Others see it as an extraordinary and valuable learning experience. Still others see it as their husband (or wife) just wanting to get out of the house for the evening. And of course it could be "d) all of the above."

Our motto pretty well sums it up: Drink, Think, Repeat™

See also the Innvation & Beer (http://www.innovationandbeer.com) website.

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