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These are weekly coffee meet-ups to increase and enhance the vibrancy of the great Pasadena tech and start-up community. We have a cross section of interested innovators (investors, entrepreneurs, programmers, CTO's, VC's, angels, etc) who are eager to more actively engage with other members of our local community. These sessions occur every Friday from 8:15am to 9:30am and are informal. We typically have a short structured presentation on a specific topic or do a deeper dive on a local company. All interested parties are welcome to attend. To find out more about our group, visit our web site: http://fridaycoffeemeetup.com/

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The Soul Of A Deal- How to Get Deals Done in the Digital Age

Topic: The Soul Of A Deal- How to get deals done in the digital age Bio: Richard Wolpert has been in the tech industry since the mid 80’s with his first job as a software program on the original Macintosh Software team at Apple in Cupertino. Since then he has started four companies, three of which were successfully sold and one of which, HelloTech, is thriving and growing. He is also an investor in over 50 tech companies and has worked as an executive at Disney as President of Disney Online and at RealNetworks as the Chief Strategy Officer. During this time he has done hundreds of deals and in his book he shares the lessons and tools he has used to close so many successful deals.

"Buy Vs. Build"

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Topic: Buy Vs. Build Summary: Entrepreneurship through acquisition is gaining popularity and provides a compelling business case for new and experienced entrepreneurs. In recent years the practice of buying and operating small businesses as an entry into entrepreneurship has gained popularity, as well as generated significant capital gains for those who practice it. Even institutional investors have started to recognize the significant upside of investing in the small business space. Bryan Cambra will walk through his personal experience purchasing a small business in 2018, discuss some of the strategic aspects to consider during the process and present a case for why “M&A” is the single most valuable skill set an entrepreneur can develop. Bio: Brian Cambra is a marketer and business leader working for small to midsize companies who has helped others build their businesses for over a decade. After years of research and trying to work the intrapreneurship route, Bryan finally made the leap and purchased his own company, Blue Pacific Yachts a CA Yacht Brokerage, in the latter half of 2018. Bryan is an advocate for acquisition as a core business strategy.

Six Critical Steps to Global Growth & Profits

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Topic: Six Critical Steps to Global Growth & Profits – The International Business Accelerator’s Roadmap for Cross-border Growth and Profits. Summary: Learn the six critical steps to building, defending and perpetuating a successful global entity. The International Business Accelerator helps catapult product, service and tech companies into the global markets. With 60% women-owned businesses and cohorts in Long Beach, Silicon Beach, USC Marshall, Menlo Park and online, the IBA accelerates startups and high-growth companies into becoming successful multinationals. Bio: Christopher Lynch is a global business thought leader and founder of the International Business Accelerator (IBA). An economist by training, he was a career US Foreign Service Officer, dealing with economic and business policy issues around the world. His last post was as the U.S. Consul General to northern Germany. After returning to the US, Chris has focused on local economic development and entrepreneurship mentoring more than 200 startups through incubators, accelerators and small business development programs. He is an adjunct professor of International Business and Economics at Golden Gate University and Long Beach City College. Michael McClune has extensive experience in international business as a two-decade business owner. After European travel in high school, graduating University of Pennsylvania and working for a NYC tech company, he quickly left to develop the LATAM market from Chile and enjoyed assisting founders with international trade. Returning to the US (backpacking 7 months & 15 countries), he owned and operated successful international businesses including a PR & Marketing firm with an international client roster. Before joining Chris in 2017 to expand the IBA he co-owned a natural supplement company with an Eastern European team of scientists.

Pitch Like a Boss Workshop

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Topic: Pitch Like a Boss Workshop: Using Acting Tips & Tricks to Ace Your Presentation and Win Summary: Do you want to pitch with confidence? Allison Monaghan McGuire will teach you acting skills to create a concise, compelling story that drives action. Whether you're seeking investment, closing a deal, or even negotiating a contract, this workshop will leave you with concrete steps to supercharge your pitch...and win. Bio: Serial entrepreneur and former award-winning actress, Pasadena-born Allison Monaghan McGuire parlayed her on-stage skills into real-life business presentations in the startup and corporate world. Quickly Allison became a pitching extraordinaire, winning every competition in which she's pitched her startup, Walc. Competitions include: BMW's Future of Mobility; McDonalds Innovation in Transportation; WeWork's Demo Day; Simon Malls Retail Pitch; Plug & Play Summit; NJ Tech Meetup. Allison shares lessons learned through her Pitch Like a Boss workshops, one-on-one coaching, and presentations; teaching likeminded innovators how to pitch...and win. Her clients have gone on to build vast social networks, close investments and business deals, implement successful crowdfunding campaigns, nail job interviews, be featured in major TV, print, & digital news publications, and more. Website: www.monaghanmcguire.com | www.walc.me Social: @MonaghanMcGuire #PitchLikeABoss #MonaghanMcGuire #MMCreativeCollective

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