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Supportive group for business owners, executives and entrepreneurs (http://search.tb.ask.com/search/GGmain.jhtml?p2=%5EXP%5Expt303%5EYYA%5Eus&n=781C276A&st=hp&ptb=1372F463-936C-4A19-B665-01B682426E4A&qs=&si=tvshowinsider&ts=1457730092443&tpr=sc&searchfor=entrepreneurs&ots=1457730118302) to discuss issues and opportunities they face in their businesses. Having a peer support group like this can be of great benefit in reaching your business goals. Group participants will share issues/opportunities with the group and invite questions to clarify and invite advice from other group members. A sampling of possible issues: how can I more effectively network to achieve my business goals, should I be using social media and how, how am I getting in the way of my own success, can other group members refer me to meaningful business contacts, should I be outsourcing parts of my business, how can I get more clients/customers, what parts of my business do I like best (or do best), what parts do I not like or do well, here's my business strategy - what do you think, should I have liability insurance, should I build my business to the point where I'll need to start hiring employees or should I stay an independent sole proprietor practitioner, should I be organized as a sole proprietorship or LLC, etc. The assumption is that most, if not all, participants will have service businesses. Ideal participants are business owners who are open to give-and-take discussion in a group and are trustworthy, respectful, caring, and can keep group discussions confidential.

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