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This group is passionate about innovative processes, methods and tools for collaborative problem solving, critical thinking and decision making.

Join us if you want to
- involve your staff and stakeholders in decision making,
- learn about innovative ways to design products and services,
- adopt a new mindset for organisational and business development,
- create more efficient communication strategies and campaigns.

We have an unorthodox approach to collaborative methods and tools, often tweaking and combining them for better results.

We practice
- Design Thinking
- LEGO Serious Play
- Art of Hosting
- World Café
- Pro Action Café
- Open Space Technology
- Appreciative Inquiry
- Circle Way Practice
and many more.

Upcoming events (5)

Experience the power of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

EXKi Schuman

Have you heard about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® but never tried it yet? Here is your chance! At this Meetup, you will get a glimpse of the power of this method that facilitates group discussions, deep thinking and problem solving. You will also be able to play with the bricks! Only 6 places available at a time. Who is it for? - entrepreneurs - innovators - public policy specialists - design thinkers - organisational leaders and managers - HR leaders - communication managers - PR specialists - university students working on a project The event is hosted by certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator and communication consultant Bela Dajka.

Design your communication campaign strategy with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

When thinking about your communication campaign brief, there is a lot of questions to be answered. Why are we doing this campaign? What should be our message? How can we make it relevant? What kind of audience segment should we target? How can we get value for money with our limited budget? What channels should we invest in? The list of questions can go on and on. Sitting at your desk, trying to answer all these questions alone might seem a heavy task. But even some joint thinking and brainstorming with the colleagues might not deliver those aha moments. So, why not to try an innovative method which can bring you new insights about what you are planning to do as a communication campaign? At this workshop, we invite communication specialists and campaign managers to learn a new way of defining communication campaign strategies with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. We will take a step-by-step approach from defining the campaign's purpose to constructing personas to looking at potential risks and setting key performance indicators, using our unique Campaign Design Canvas. You will learn: - how to create a communication campaign from A to Z, - how to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in a creative thinking process, - how to generate, sort and apply insights in campaign briefs, - how to sell your campaign to management. Bring your communication campaign idea and you will leave with a roadmap for success! This training is for: - communication managers - communication officers - advocacy experts - campaign manager - communication agency account managers You will get: - methods, tools and templates to aid campaign brief design, - peer support from other participants, - expert feedback from your trainer, - lunch, coffee and refreshments, - a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® starter kit to take home. Maximum 8 participants. Participation fee: 590 EUR + VAT Early bird until 30 April: 450 + VAT Discount for teams of 3 or more: 30% - Please write to [masked] for special team arrangements. About the trainer: Béla Dajka is an EU communication expert, public affairs specialist and facilitator with background in corporate and strategic communication, journalism, media management and organisational development. He has run his own consultancy, Spacemaker since 2018. He was a member and subsequently Head of the corporate communication team of the European Commission from 2010 to 2017, communicating on the Commission's political priorities, running multimillion-Euro corporate communication campaigns, managing the Commission's external communication network and implementing the Commission's institutional visual identity. During his 10 years at the EU institutions, he was involved in a wide range of policy areas including research and innovation, health, food safety, regional policy, media and SMEs. Béla worked at the BBC in London from 1998 to 2007 where he was a radio and online producer, a media manager and public policy advisor. He also contributed to organisational development and change management projects. Apart from his extensive experience in media and communication, he is a trained facilitator. He hosted participatory discussions on strategy and policy orientation, peer coaching and organisational development at the EU institutions. His methods include Design Thinking, LEGO® Serious Play® and conversations cafés.

Get Peer Coaching for Your Project

Avenue de Tervueren 81


You are invited to join a diverse group of people who help with their hearts and minds those who want to discuss their projects or questions. Topics can range from work issues to local improvement projects to questions about business, passion and life. It is all about collaboration, innovation, critical thinking and peer coaching. This event is organised in collaboration with Pro Action Café Brussels. A 15 EUR contribution to cover the cost of food, drinks and the venue is expected.

Innovative Problem Solving with Design Thinking and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Avenue de Tervueren 81


Two-thirds of organisations now believe complexity is an obstacle to success and a barrier to growth in performance and productivity. It is no surprise that 79 percent of executives in the Global Human Capital Trends survey rated Design Thinking important or very important. There is no question about the need to innovate in solving complex problems, whether it is about organisational design, performance management, customer journeys, stakeholder relations or employee experiences fit for the digital age. The question is HOW? This is where Design Thinking as both a mindset, culture and a process for innovation can give leaders and managers the methods and tools how to innovate. In this two-day course, we will combine the process and tools of Design Thinking with the playful power of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® at every stage to find solutions to complex problems you face. Our programme of JITT (just in time learning) combines a face-to-face workshop with virtual follow up and coaching. The leaders will learn through experiential methods, how to apply design thinking in their role: - The key stages in the Design Thinking process, with emphasis on problem definition and problem solving. - The application of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as a deep thinking and visual aid in exploration, imagining, prototyping and testing. - Practice key methods and tools that you can take away and use immediately to address challenges in productivity, diversity, organisational development, engagement, managing performance, complex collaboration and learning and development. - Storytelling as key driver in the innovation process. Come with a concrete problem and we will help you solve it in two days. Participation fee: 980 EUR + VAT Early bird fee if you register before 30 April: 800 EUR + VAT We love teams! Bring a team and a challenge and learn Design Thinking by applying the methods and tools and leave with a roadmap for success. We offer 50% discount for teams of 3 or more. Please contact us at [masked] about team participation. The programme has been developed as a collaboration of the London-based, IOEE accredited Academy of Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship and Spacemaker, a Brussels-based participative leadership consultant and facilitator. The trainers are Dr. Julia Goga-Cooke and Bela Dajka. Who should take part: - Organisational leaders - Business leaders - Public affairs consultants - Communication managers - Entrepreneurs - Change managers - HR consultants - Service and product designers You will get: - methods, tools and templates to apply Design Thinking in your daily work, - peer support from other participants, - expert feedback from your trainers, - lunch, coffee and refreshments, - a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Windows Exploration Kit to take home. About the trainers Dr Julia Goga-Cooke is an academic, innovation network architect and entrepreneur. She specialises in creating collaborative networks for innovation, and helping organisations create capabilities to innovate. A former BBC editor and manager, Julia co-founded and managed the Future of Work Research Consortium. Julia’s approach to innovation combines forecasting with Design Thinking and storytelling for success. Julia teaches Design Thinking and Foresight & Strategy at Loughborough University and Design Management at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London. Bela Dajka worked at the European Commission as a corporate communication specialist before starting his own consultancy in 2018. Now he helps organisations with their EU communication and EU public affairs, gives trainings on corporate communication and advocacy campaigns and facilitates creative processes for strategy and communications. Prior to moving to Brussels in 2008, he worked at the BBC for 10 years in editorial, management, public policy and organisational development roles.

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Experience the power of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

EXKi Schuman

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