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Innovative Entrepreneurs Hub (IEH) is a group that provides you with a platform to:

• Network with other entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs

• Try out your business models with a demographic of like-minded individuals

• Conduct/Participate entrepreneur workshops and events

The big part is you have an opportunity to tailor this group to your need as an entrepreneur. We will host meetings and generate surveys to ensure your needs are being met as a member of IEH meetup group.

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Conflict Management Fundamentals

Innovative Entrepreneurs Hub

Conflict is tricky. Many people choose to avoid it because it is uncomfortable and they don’t know how to start the conversation. This seminar is designed to provide you with tools for handling conflict in your business, with your employees, contractors or clients. Conflict is guaranteed to crop up in your business whether it is a conflict within your team, your board, your customers, or your management relationships. Conflict management should be as much a priority as financial management. Know your players, know how to communicate effectively with them and create an open environment where people are encouraged to speak up when conflicts arise. This way, you get ahead of issues before they get out of control and you create a culture where different points of view are seen as valuable rather than right or wrong. LEARNING OBJECTIVES • You will learn the five styles of conflict management and discover your own go-to style. • You will learn what Mediation is and how it can be a helpful conflict management tool. • You will learn your own working style (Driver, Amiable, Analytical or Expressive) and gain tools for effectively communicating with styles that are different from your own. RSVP TODAY! https://iehubcm.eventbrite.com

Profit Strategy Bootcamp

Innovative Entrepreneurs Hub

Profit Strategy Bootcamp! This workshop is designed to help you set and reach your business profit goals by creating a strategic revenue generating plan. Imagine an increase in revenue of 10%, 15%, or more! That is possible by having the right plan in place. During this Interactive workshop you'll: 1. Create a solid profit plan for your business 2. Learn what additional streams of income compliment your business 3. Find funding sources to help facilitate business growth GRAB YOUR TICKET TODAY! https://iehubpsb.eventbrite.com


Innovative Entrepreneurs Hub

Join us for a special FREE COWORKING DAY at Innovative Entrepreneurs Hub. If you need a place to get your project done or to just be in a space where you can create and work, Innovative Entrepreneurs Hub is where you should be, April 29, 2019. Entrepreneurs from all industries are welcomed to come cowork with us for FREE. RSVP NOW! https://iehub429.eventbrite.com Community. Collaborate. Cowork.

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Make Some Noise: Secrets to Massive Media Exposure

Innovative Entrepreneurs Hub

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