What we're about

Brunch with Innovators in the tech and start-up community in an agile scrum styled format.

Goal: Drive Innovation Culture via knowledge sharing to support startup development in the DC Metro area and beyond. A community of thinkers that share ideas and information in order to move forward further faster.

Values: Open, Honest, Respectful and Actionable Feedback.

How? Create a space where members of the tech and startup community use agile principles to rapidly develop ideas and solutions that aid startups in removing roadblocks and impediments blocking their growth. Essentially, sharing ideas that help startups get stuff done.

Who should attend?

1. Entrepreneurs at any stage from Concept to MVP, to Working Prototype to a fully Launched Startup.

2. Individuals inspired by the startup culture with the ability to provide actionable feedback for startups.

3. Positive receptive people with great energy and open minds

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