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What are some playful AR games? We'll have a bunch of new games. Light hearted and games for exploring greater intimacy. After this event, you will never have have a dates with awkward silences. This month we will be meeting at the Watertown Free Library at 2pm Katie and I will be hosting an evening of communication and relationship games on the last Sunday of the month. Each month the mix of games will change. Games include the Ktpotonite game, paired sharing, mirroring and the watermelon game. What are AR games? What are useful for? Authentic Relating Game nights are a fun social place to practice the art of relating with others. Instead of the data exchange of "What do you do?", we learn and play communication games that allow for deeper connections. In a friendly safe environment we can take some emotional risks to learn more about ourselves and others. In life we wear so many layers. Here we play fun games and shed all those layers of armor that stands between us and authentically relating to others. AR games share intellectual roots with many of the practices we do in HAI, as well as in Circling. We use the word game to embody the ideas of experimenting and exploring. What the player takes away from the experience can be surprising, insightful and sometimes very emotional. My co-facilitator, Katie, and I most of all want to create a fun evening for members of the AR community. Watertown Library web site:

Watertown Free Public Library

123 Main St · Watertown, MA

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