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For Montrealers, or visitors and for those who feel they are open-minded/hearted, love learning, growth, challenge, evolution, love sharing unique perspectives and love to explore anything and everything off the beaten path including the spiritual path... there are plenty of us out there and we need our own meetup ~!~ UPCOMING EVENTS FOR FEBRUARY

9 11:00 AM (https://www.meetup.com/Insightful/events/102530472/) Jelena Presents LOVEVOLUTION DAY (https://www.meetup.com/Insightful/events/102530472/)
15 https://img2.meetupstatic.com/94038890976300987/img/sprites/1x1.gif (https://www.meetup.com/Insightful/events/?event.day=15&event.second=0&action=new&event.year=2013&event.hour=19&event.month=2&event.minute=0) https://img2.meetupstatic.com/94038890976300987/img/sprites/1x1.gif (https://www.meetup.com/Insightful/events/?event.day=15&action=new_item&event.year=2013&event.month=2)

7:00 PM Naiby Presents The Montreal Veg Group - Vegetarians, Vegans & Raw Foodists (https://www.meetup.com/Insightful/events/96186582/)

Those who are either interested in, work in, or appreciate a more spiritual path or alternative healthy lifestyles,* In this meetup, we'll explore some of the most creative, inspiring, fun, unique, outdoor and indoor (all season), cultural, health conscious, thought challenging, special interest activities and spiritual available * *** Here are a few examples of events that we may be sharing : *talks on intuition, energy healing, astrology, crystal concerts, movie nights. * Shows, festivals and concerts (away from the excessive crowds) with gatherings afterwards * * Inspiring and educational documentary film nights in winter season (more intimate settings outside the theatre) * * sauna & other restorative therapies * Outdoor picnics featuring healthier alternatives * Outdoor activities (ie., canoeing, rafting, hiking, tree-top trekking (aerial obstacle courses), biking, volleyball, horse-back riding, etc. * Healing workshops (including Ayurveda, Shamanism, Massage (all types), Tai Chi, Yoga (all levels), Qi Gong, Art Therapy, Reiki, meditation & much more) s * Ambient chill-out nights (outside the extreme volume of clubs) where it's possible to relax and chat ~ * With a larger group, we may do so much more, so please be kind enough to post your comments/feedback after each meetup, and please help spread the word to your friends * Thank you so much for joining us !!! ~ *** P.S... * Because of no shows, there are requirements to RSVP No 24 hours before a Meetup Event. THREE NO SHOWS might mean, you will have to be waitlisted. Any meetups with LESS than 5 yes RSVPs will either be postponed or canceled (anytime between 24 and 48 hrs prior). * The purpose of this meetup is to meet new like-minded people and make new friends. Timing IS everything ~:) * There is no age restriction on this meetup, but consideration and kindness is much appreciated here as well as all of LIFE in general.) *** a small SERVICE FEE between $2.00-3.00 per person/per meetup *** will be charged to help pay for this space, to support the organizer(s), as well as cover any additional expenses ~ * If the meetup requires admission, rental fees, tickets or deposits for reservation, they will be specified in each meetup. * Paypal will be used for any meetup RSVP that requires deposit, thanks very much ~!~

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