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Hey! Smart move signing up. This is the place for writers, coaches, teacher, speakers, musicians, entrepreneurs and other creative types who burn with some aspect of the common mission— to help others fire up their dreams, align their lives with a sense of authentic purpose, find confidence, and kick ass in the world.

Whether you’re into empowering homeless teens, coaching introverted CEOs, cranking up creative types, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms and/ or the woo-woo crowd, we are your people.

Through live and online creativity workshops, we'll step into discussions, worksheets, stories and guided meditations to help us to be seen, expressed and healed through our creativity. So then we can help others. F yeah!

To get you rolling, here’s a link to three FREE chapters of my eBook…

Not F*ing Around— The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground. (http://jeffleisawitz.us12.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=b0d3e35e6acbb554dbf95edfe&id=fcaf8416e0)

What's your mission? What's stopping you from being full tilt kick ass awesome?



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