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"She travels between worlds unlearning thousand of years of conditioning"...
....Return to innocence, the movement of self love to unconditional collective LOVE has started for us, we have been on this journey because our ancestors were too, we are just this tiny bridge, we are sanity, insanity, sweet pain, unconditional messy happiness but most importantly we are Unconditional love...
-This is a circle, a group for all the women who believe in magical energy and empowerment, in AWE moments, who believe in miracles, who have gone or are going through a caterpillar--> butterfly transformation, who want to meet others and share the important elements this life have to offer, who genuinely just want to meet other souls alike... let's plant hikes, days or nights outs, it is all up to us! who
but most importantly the ones who still have a HEART that never hardens, a temper that never tires and a touch that never hurts... this is for US!

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