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In this fun and transformative group, led by certified medium, former major media journalist and author of the upcoming Till Death Don’t Us Part: A True Story of Awakening to Love After Life (White Crow Books, 2020), we'll blend spiritual practice with the practice of writing to help you reach the spirit within you. You will bring forth words of inspiration and creativity that will enhance your poetic expression and spiritual growth.

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ONLY 4 PLACES LEFT! Automatic, Trance & Inspirational Writing

In this fun and transformative four-week program taught live online and led by best-selling author and medium Karen Frances McCarthy MA CSNU, we'll blend spiritual practice with the practice of writing to help you become aware of greater depths within you and bring forth words of inspiration that will enhance your healing and spiritual growth.

More information & registration: http://www.karenfrancesmedium.com/events/inspirationalwriting.html
Mondays May 24, June 7-14; 7:00-9:30pm - 3 Weeks- $175

The course will gradually work towards deeper levels of attunement to experiment with writing from deeper trance states as well as working with the physical mediumship practice of automatic writing, whereby an inspirer in the Spirit world can direct the movement of the pen directly.

Over the course of the three weeks, you'll have an opportunity to
do guided meditations and creative exercises, including Haiku poetry, to challenge your analytic mind and express your ideas more creatively from your spirit or intuition,

-do spiritual travelling and guided visualizations to tap into your dreams and psychic awareness,
-work with story-catching and mindfulness to bring a greater sense of connectedness and harmony to your life, and
-learn the art of joriki, a Zen term for illuminating the light within and blending with the light of the source or spirit without.
-work as a group to build power and attunement to allow inspirers in the Spirit World move the pen directly.

This enlightening four-week course will help you reach inner places so that you not only have a greater understanding of your hidden motivations, desires, and places that need healing, you will also deepen your awareness of self and the world around you. It can enhance your spiritual development, as inner resources are freed for expression and growth.

Many people have been astonished with the originality and beauty of the work they have produced during this thoroughly enjoyable and creative class. No writing experience is needed and sharing your writing with the class is entirely optional.

If you can't make all three classes, a video recording will be available to view for 7 days after the class for registered participants only.

Places are strictly limited. Bookings are final.

Register at http://www.karenfrancesmedium.com/events/inspirationalwriting.html


"I was quite surprised how the exercises done in Inspirational Writing For Spiritual Growth were both unique and got me expressing myself in ways that either I haven't been doing or with which I struggled at times. Karen has helped me understand how to get into an excellent flow with my writing. I'm grateful now to be armed with new tools to bring a whole new dimension to my future writings too." ~ Chris DeSerio, NJ

"I really enjoyed this writing class. Karen taught me new ways to look at relaxing, getting in touch with my spiritual self and my source of inspiration. It has made me think about the way I interact with others in new ways. I highly recommend taking the class. ~ Mike Luongo, Ann Arbor

"I thoroughly enjoyed Karen's inspirational writing class. She was encouraging, friendly and insightful. She helped me to write in ways I never thought possible." ~ Lynn Mackie, Ontario

"Karen is a wonderful spiritual teacher, healer, and a genuine human being. It's always a pleasure to work with someone who is vastly knowledgeable, intelligent, compassionate, and connected." ~ Juliet, NYC

"Karen is a gifted teacher who understands how to guide her class properly. Her method of teaching is very Zen and relatable. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone this talented." ~ Maggie, New Jersey


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