MINDS OF STEEL - Motivation, Inspiration, MindSet... WITH GILL & GUEST SPEAKERS

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65 - 67 Bold Street · Liverpool L1 4EZ

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Also... Luke Gilham .... this is his bio

My names Luke and I've chosen to make a difference in this world.
After spending 4 years miserable training to be a design engineer I knew I wanted more from life, I would spend 10 hours of my day wishing it was over, the only thing seeing me through my day was knowing I'd be training in the gym!
This happiness, ecstasy and escape I felt when training in the gym listening to my favourite music was something magical and I knew I wanted to be able to give people the same happiness. I studied the state of our country and its only getting worse, so I summoned up the courage to tell my parents I was quitting my well paid job to pursue a dream! I launched my personal training and lifestyle business last year called Back 2 Basics, showing people the simple science behind body and mind, and at this event I aim to put across my main goal.....to make people care.

and special guest .....

Adriana Méndez Snowden is a happiness and resilience coach, author and an international speaker. She firmly believes that anyone not only can overcome any challenge but also truly find happiness in their life. She uses her own experiences, a journey in recovery and other tools to help others re write their story. To let go of what holds them back. To be who ever they want to be. To step into alignment and free their souls. Originally from Mexico but currently in the Uk, Adriana’s focus is to serve her clients online, 1-2-1, webinars, audio trainings, live trainings and programs in both, English and Spanish. Author of "Mujer Onírica" "Happiness through Resilience " and now coming soon her next book “ Mujer Onírica, the before and after” .

Motivation music from our very own Carl Foster......

At the first Minds of Steel event, we brought together the worlds of positivity; mindset, mindfulness, meditation, life-coaching, hypnosis, Law of Attraction, The Secret etc etc etc

At the event we had top coaches, business owners, life coaches, mentors and people who have lived through difficult and life changing experiences and learnt from these challenges.

For 30 years Gill Fell has been running meetings and workshops as well as coaching people to feel better and achieve whatever it is that they want. With Liverpool so full of resilient people mentoring and helping one another, the idea of putting together a Minds of Steel event fell together naturally. Over the course of the evening the audience will get to hear from 5 of our most inspiring speakers.

After a series of cancer diagnoses and treatments Gill realised that life is for living and staying mentally strong is incredibly important. So now she’s on a mission. She has her ups and downs like everyone but has brought herself out of the comfort zone to collaborate with these other talented people and launch this uplifting event in Liverpool.

Gill commented "it was an idea I had to bring many different people together who can make a difference to people’s lives. By learning from one another we can really feel empowered to achieve more and feel better every day."

Located at LEAF on Bold Street, the event is on Monday 15th January 2018. Doors open at 5pm - and the first speaker will be on at 6pm sharp. Each keynote will talk for 20 minutes and will be on hand for a Q&A with the audience. To keep the uplifting, sociable vibe the bar will be open.

Tickets are £15 - that's under £1.90 per speaker....... that's a bargain.

Tickets are only available via this meet up site.

They are not available via facebook or any other way of buying a ticket.... RSVP ON THIS SITE AND PAY WITH PAY PAL..... EASY

THE BAR WILL BE OPEN !!! Coffee and Tea available too

Mingle and get drinks etc till - you can be downstairs drinking or eating then the room will be opened up at 6pm

Speakers until 9 pm thne Q & A

Mingle and party till 10 or Leaf chuck you out

Join me in the fabulous, Trendy Leaf cafe-bar Function room (up stairs) for an evening of fun and brilliant speakers.

I am all about learning from others and this night will be about having a party whilst listening to some specially chosen speakers who indeed have shown me that they possess a "Mind of Steel"

In Life there are those we love and those we dislike, those we dispise but then... there are those who have it all and this evening is an insight into the minds of those people who have strength of mind to go after what it is they want.

The Speakers will be a variety of every walk of life. You can get a coffee or a drink from the bar and just enjoy hearing from the crowd and the guests.

I will host the evening and introduce the speakers, you can eat, drink and be merry there is a bar and the cafe serves food (eat downstairs before the event)

Up beat music will be playing when you arrive and chairs will be laid out theatre style (so first come first served) -

We will have lots of fun together, learning more about our minds and what others have done.

The speakers will have about 20-30 minutes each and there will be time to ask questions and participate.

Please commit early and buy your ticket at £12.50 (Early bird tickets now sold out)

Can't wait to meet you all.

"Ours is not to judge other, but to reflect on how great they are" Gill Fell

"If we look for the beauty in the soul , we become the beauty in their heart" Gill Fell

Lets see each others brilliance on this chilly January evening in our precious Liverpool City. It may rain... so we can dance in it.

Love to you all

Gill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

https://thisisleaf.co.uk/ (https://thisisleaf.co.uk/)

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