We're having a temporary, one time only location change for our Sunday Service this Sunday May 6th 11:30am Crescent Heights United Methodist Church SE Corner of Fairfax & Fountain - parking on the street,Los+Angeles,+CA&cid=10405784071259087446

There's ample parking in the neighborhood, but you may have to walk a block or two. We're planning a ROCKIN' good service for you!

Dr. Donald Kilhefner, one of our esteemed elders will be our Community Guest Speaker. Don is the founder of the RADICAL FAIRIES and the GAY ELDER'S CIRCLE as well as a co-founder of the Gay & Lesbian Center. He's been an inspiration to us at the Ask the Elders events all year! Please come and give him a warm welcome!

Plan to stay afterwards this Sunday! Lunch brainstorming session 1:30 to 4:00pm We're having a brainstorming lunch meeting (we'll order in, please contribute a few dollars if you can, or bring your own) to discuss how we greet and treat new guests, our membership orientation and all of the ways that we welcome and follow up with new folks - we'd LOVE to have your input. This will be an inspired and fun meeting over lunch - PLEASE plan to come and give your input. We'd LOVE to hear from you! Thank you!