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Is your life full but not fulfilling?
Do you crave a life where you feel yourself express tremendous value?
Are you suffering from physical illness or psychological conditions like addiction or depression?
Are you ready to let go of your old story and step into something new?

Life is about moments and for some of us, THIS moment is the moment to create radical transformation in our lives. You might be a business owner, employee or even unemployed. You could be a stay at home mom, student or successful executive who just wants more. Wherever you are in your life, this is the place for you.

In this group, we'll

• Explore deeper understandings of our brain chemistry, to live happier healthier lives.

• Learn the science behind the healing processes in our body, to overcome conditions that might be limiting us.

• Learn about our relationships to nature and to each other and how to be healthy in both.

• Practice ways to stimulate mindful meditation space to create clarity, peace of mind and balanced living.

Whether your motivation is more practical, wanting to understand the scientific principles of life or more emotional, trying to connect with a deeper level of your own being, we hope to be here to provide you support in your process.

Maybe you will find yourself here.

Upcoming events (5+)

Releasing Externalized Value - Reclaiming Self Workshop Series

The Self-Care Sanctuary


Much of our society is steeped in the experience of trying to ‘fit in,’ when we are more naturally prone to the desire to ‘stand out.’ The pressure of trying to have the right home, the right car, the right kind of relationship, to be part of the right religion or political party; all of these demands to conform, can often stifle our individuality. Buddha said, “If your joy can be found outside of you, it can be taken from you.” Living in a social survival model, we may sub-consciously experience the sensation of being vulnerable, while we are not consciously aware of our vulnerability. It may be the loss of a loved one or it could be the loss of a position you spent twenty years fostering; maybe it's a sense of limitation or you could be just bored with the way things are, but for all of us, the result is the same. If your joy in life or even worse, your value as a human being is externalized, losing it could make it feel like you’re losing everything and then, life is suffering. Join us for a 3-part workshop series and discover what it means to live every aspect of your life with internalized value. Each session offers a targeted focus, covering specific, individual topics. So, you can take just one, two or all three and gain great benefit. Details for this individual workshop are listed below. All workshops are also available as private sessions. Contact the facilitator with questions. Session Details In this second workshop, we will discuss Roles and Rules and how to use perceived limitations as opportunities for reflection. We'll discuss • How to use reflection to easily discover hidden roles and rules that are dictating your experience of life. • Why it’s not just about us. It’s also about our interactions with others, as well. • Deep practices to help you release the idea of independence and even interdependence, to open an expanded understanding of individuality. • The difference between Polar and Parallel relationships and why both are critical for personal fulfillment. • How to experience even our most difficult interactions from a place of clarity. “Focus on the self is not selfish. It is, in fact, the most selfless thing any human can do.” - Linda Forrest The cost to attend each workshop is $60 (receive a $10 discount on the third workshop, when you attend all three). I hope you find yourself here.

Monthly Game NIght

The Self-Care Sanctuary

Who's ready to play? So much has been happening over the last couple of months. Name changes, systems being rewired, new paths discovered. Now it's time to play. This month's agenda is simple. Play games, ask questions if you want. Have fun. How late that goes... who knows. Whether it's deep conversation and connection or a simple game of cards, life gets better when you play. If you have a favorite game and a snack you like to eat when you play it, bring it. Games will be chosen by popular vote. I'll see you on Saturday. :)

Intuitive Mythology Group Practice

The Self-Care Sanctuary

Whether it is writing, painting, pottery or any other expression of our deeper selves, intuitive creative practices have the power to completely alter our experience of reality. When done properly, they can cure illness, create peace of mind and have led entire communities of people to safety for centuries. Join us as we share this simple visioning practice to: · to find more joy in everyday living · release limitations which bind us · love and appreciate ourselves more · and share in authentic community We meet every Sunday at 3:30 to share our stories, ourselves and real support for each other in living the best lives possible. Groups begin with success stories, followed by a short introduction to intuitive writing, a meditative prompt and about 30 - 45 minutes of writing time. We'll then share progress, goals and hoped-for outcomes before closing the circle. This group is offered for a suggested donation of $10. There is something powerful in contributing to your own well-being. It is human nature to respond to health practices according to the value we attribute to them. Free can seem great and sometimes it is necessary, but when we can get to the point where we are able to give something back, we own a whole new perspective of our place in the world. I live humbly, and I expect I always will. My commitment is always to live in service to humanity. So, everything you give will be used to help us expand our reach, to keep the participants in this program living healthy, and to support other communities who do work we want to support. Come and cast your pearls before jewelers. We hope you find yourself here.

Introduction to Brain Chemistry

The Self-Care Sanctuary

Why do some recover from chronic conditions, while others do not? The chemicals we produce in our brain drive all the experiences in our lives; our thoughts, our feelings, our overall health, and even our identity are byproducts of chemical production. So, what really drives this chemical production? Join with the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month for an in-depth study of how neurotransmitters work and how you can use simple practices to control them. This group is not about supplements or buying a program. We meet for an ongoing discussion of easy to use practices which help us naturally control chemical production. As we discover how to regulate the neurotransmitters, we organically help the body heal itself so we can feel better both now and in the long run We'll address: • Psychological Conditions like Anxiety - Depression - Addiction - Chemical Imbalances and Sleep Disorders • Physical Conditions like Fatigue - Chronic Pain - Traumatic Brain Injury - Acute Allergies and severe conditions like Cancer and Autoimmune Disorders • Emotional Conditions like Lack of Motivation - Insecurity - Personal Loss and Emotional Suffering Don't let the limiting experiences of life define you. Go to the root of the problem by becoming an active participant in your best health and well-being. This a come-and-go-group that meets from 6:30 - 8:00 and is offered free of charge. We do accept contributions, to help us pay for the space, but we do not expect them. The Meetup itself is free. For those who are interested, there will be a $5 Study Group session after the discussion. This is offered from 8:00-9:00, to review information and improve our processes. Join us this Wednesday and live life healthy.

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Trajectory Shift Meditation

The Self-Care Sanctuary

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