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Inspired Victoria is a community of folks who believe people are more than their titles on a business card. We gather each month to connect and build community that inspires personal growth and achievement from our passions and interests, not discuss our businesses or to network. We are here to make genuine friendships.

Featured Meeting: Inspired Victoria Speakers Series

Each month features an inspiring evening of speakers talking on a variety of topics followed by a “cocktail-enhanced” mixer to interact with the speaker, as well as community members and new friends. These speakers, along with community support inspire members achieve their own personal development goals.

*Please Note: There is a $10 cost for these events

Inspired Victoria Super Awesome Social Mixers

Each month we host an epic social gathering over cocktails and wings and conversations. Get to know other community members in a fun, social setting and create new friendships.


• "Networkers" - We don't discuss work, we discuss cool things. If you want to network, please go elsewhere

• People who click "join" without RSVPing to an event immediately. If this sounds like you, we are not the group for you. We are action takers who believe that "Life is not a spectator sport"

• Rude, aggressive people who don't respect our community rules or it's members.

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Coast Victoria Harbourside hotel marina

Website with complete information: https://www.theinspiredlivingsummit.com If you are feeling stuck in this new year, or want to meet like-minded people, or are simply looking to surround yourself with a community of folks living life on their own terms, then The INSPIRED LIVING SUMMIT 2019 is for you!Over the past 3 years, Inspired Victoria has set out to empower people who want to live their best lives possible by: • Presenting inspirational and empowering speakers • Creating space each month for people to connect live and in person Our 2,000+ members have enjoyed 84 events, including 36 featured speaker events (many sold out) and 34 (or is it 35?) Social Mixers where hundreds of connections have been made and many wonderful friendships have been formed. As such, everyone agrees that Inspired Victoria has been a huge success! Which brings us to today. The mission of The INSPIRED LIVING SUMMIT 2019 is to pull together the essence of those three years of into a powerful all-day event of inspiration, connection and community. We’ll do this in three powerful ways: • INSPIRATION: By sharing their personal stories 13 SPEAKERS* will inspire and empower participants to take concrete actions towards achieving their goals. In addition, speakers will be available for personal interactions during the day • CONNECTION: We believe in live one-on-one conversations with real people, and so throughout the day they’ll be opportunities to connect with participants and speakers in a casual, relaxed environment • COMMUNITY: Whenever inspiration and connections come together, it creates opportunities to build communities of like-minded friends and peers who share similar values, dreams and ambitions. The summit promotes and supports this! *SPEAKERS AND PRESENTATION TITLES* Michael Losier - Your Life Purpose Susan Simmons - Journey to Namu: I Am NOT Disposable Deborah LeFrank - How (& Why) To Collect Memories Dan Buchner - Everything Is Figure-Outable Janelle Morrison - Life AFTER The Crash: How NOT To Miss Your 2nd Chance Dr. Jacquline McAdams - Developing a Resilient Mindset MJ Sacco - How Travel Changed My Life and Gave Me Purpose Dr. Aliya - The Evolution of Self; The Evolution of Medicine Robin Farrell - PLOT TWIST! Finding Strength Through Adversity Darryl Stickle - Understanding TRUST Sue Abuelsamid - The Curiosity Project Theresa Ito - How To "Just Get On With It Already"! Barbara Edie - From Impossible To Done: 3 Ways To Fast Track Your Dreams $99 Tickets for this all-day event available NOW for purchase, and are extremely limited. Each ticket includes a bonus package valued at $279, PLUS the first fifty tickets purchased also receive a copy of Michael Losier’s best selling book “Law of Attraction" - a $20 value! THAT IS NOT A TYPO! A $99 ticket gets you entry to our all day summit PLUS $279 in bonuses! Website with complete information: https://www.theinspiredlivingsummit.com

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