What we're about

Three years ago, to improve my capability to work with my "negative" feelings in my futures and currency trading, I start a free club(trading tribe) to practice Trading Tribe Process(TTP). Ed Seykota, a famous trader and trading coach, invents this amazing technology.

After three years, it not only helps to boost my trading performance, it also greatly improves my relationship with my wife and my kids, and people I associate. It's a nice surprise. Quite a few times my wife tells me that I have a better temperament than before. She notices that I have a longer fuse now, and after I work on myself in tribe meetings, my buttons which she always likes to press, suddenly stop working. It also greatly helps me to have intimacy relationship with my two children. It seems to help me to work with my feelings, in every aspect of my life.

Now I want to share this amazing technology, for free, with other like minded people in local community. If you feel frustration with your relationship with spouse, children, parents, your boss, co-workers or your clients, and if you want to work on yourself to improve your ability to work with your emotions, I welcome you to join my club, East Lake Village Tribe.

The purpose of the process, TTP, is to change a person's automatic response to a certain "negative" feeling. It changes the emotion reflex with just one meeting. For example, a person may have the habit to raise voice or yell when feeling anger. The tribe run a special sequence of procedures to help the member to replace his yelling pattern with a more benign, proactive and intimacy centric pattern. Members usually find that after the process, next time in their life when they encounter similar feeling, they surprise themselves by responding with a different manner, automatically without conscious effort, and get much better result in relationship. They find themselves out of their usual rut.

In the club(tribe), the members have opportunities to work on their response pattern to all kinds of feelings, fear, anxiety, embarrassment, insecurity, jealousy, anger, regret and more. The tribe is a place to train emotional discipline. The unique character of TTP is its sole practical purpose to improve the ability in real time application, instead of teaching another psychology theory. It works on the subconscious habit of the member, instead of his conscious mind understanding. The meeting focus on creating a safe, managed environment, where members get help to amplify the feelings they are unwilling to experience, and the tribe help the member recall childhood formative incidents/trauma related to that feeling, and identify the response pattern the member acquires in that incidents, normally from his/her parents. Then the meeting follows with repetitive role play to replace the old, control centric pattern with a new, proactive, intimacy centric way to work with their feelings and create rapport.

Now continuous self growth with the tribe become an indispensable part of my trading and life. For continuous benefiting from TTP, the tribe needs more people so we can conduct role playing and generate more group wisdom. I want to welcome local friends to attend the meetings. It's an informal and non-commercial club and membership is free. I don't allow any people including myself to prompt any commercial business inside the tribe. Meetings regularly happens biweekly at night.

For more about TTP, you can read Ed Seykota's web site: http://www.seykota.com/tt/default.html
and his FAQ for world wide tribe forum: http://www.seykota.com/tt/FAQ_Index/default... (http://www.seykota.com/tt/FAQ_Index/default.html)