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Integral Soul Work: The Soul of the New WE with Terry Patten

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We are lucky to live in a time when several living streams of spiritual awakening are interconnecting and integrating. In our time together we’ll engage an experiential exploration of the intersection between:

• Soul Work

• Integral Evolutionary Spirituality

• A “Higher We”—and the Soul of the We

In Soul Work we come into a deeper relationship with our Soul and the Soul of the earth, learning to trust our Soul, ourselves, and life itself. In this process, we learn to deeply listen, through which we discover our unique creative nature and purpose for being on the planet. From this soul-centric perspective, even transcendent awakening to non-dual consciousness is just part of the soul’s journey.

In Integral Evolutionary Spirituality, we awaken into higher states and stages of consciousness, eventually awakening not just from limiting perspectives and identities and states of mind, but even from the illusion of our very existence as a separate individual. As we awaken, level by level, it feels like our consciousness and identity ascends and expands. Our intellect plays an important role in this process.

Meanwhile, many of us are discovering that it is possible to awaken together into a “Higher We” — through the inherently attractive deepening of intersubjective immediacy, emergence and aliveness. This is not just intrinsically self-validating, growth-producing, creative, fun and healthy. It opens up shared states of higher consciousness that people sense have real cultural significance, perhaps as a part of engendering the “revolution of love” we all know is deeply needed.

Integral Soul Work aims to transcend and include these three approaches to spiritual growth. Terry will communicate a vision of each of these three perspectives and how they integrate, and he will lead experiential exercises that will enable participants to make contact with each of them and to synthesize all three.

This workshop will include spoken teachings as well as silent and guided meditations, and playful yet transformative experiential processes in small groups. Our focus will be on:

• Encountering & learning to listen to the voice of your soul

• The process of soul-connected relating to others

• Discovering a “Higher We” and the “Soul of the We”

• What is asked of us (individually and all together) in order to become “the ones we’ve been waiting for"


About the Presenter:

Terry Patten has worked with Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute since 2004, and has hosted many of the primary gatherings of the international integral community, including the ongoing Integral Living Room series. He was the senior writer, with Ken, of the book Integral Life Practice. He created the acclaimed 8-session online course, Integral Spiritual Practice. He hosts the acclaimed online teleseminar series Beyond Awakening: The Future of Spiritual Practice. He is the founder of Bay Area Integral. He has taught at Notre Dame and Columbia Universities and is on the faculty of Meridian University.