Integral Relationships - Introductory Evening

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Evening Talk - By Donation
Friday, March 16; 7-10pm

The Alignment Center - 120 West 28th Street; 3rd Floor

Martin Ucik's Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men (and curious women) provides a practical map for singles and couples to co-creating an Integral Relationship. Rich in information and examples, it integrates the growth potentials of body, mind, heart and soul with healthy feminine and masculine polarities, putting them into a cultural and social context. This allows men to meet women as opposite and equal partners at their level of consciousness to co-create sustainable love relationships that serve the greatest good for the largest number of people.

Now Martin travels around the world, bringing his message of Integral love and relationships to singles and couples everywhere. This informal evening will introduce the weekend workshop which is practical and experiential, leading participants through the elements of Integral Relationships by doing work in dyads, male and female circles, small groups, introspection and sharing. We will be exploring important topics such as:

The primary sexual fantasy, which judges females as harshly by their looks as it does males by their success. The primary emotional reaction of fear in females and shame in males. Effective, compassionate communication skills. Compatibility between different personality types, including the Enneagram and Love Languages. Intimacy, passion and the unconscious that form eight types of love —from non-love to Integral Love. Sound advice how to heal and grow in an existing partnership, when to end a relationship with love and compassion, and how to find/attract a compatible partner for an Integral Love relationship.
The weekend is also a great opportunity to connect with evolutionary singles and couples!

If you're already in a committed relationship, you will identify growth potentials that allow you and your partner to deepen your loving connection on all levels of body, mind, heart, and soul/spirit. If you are an eligible bachelor, you will receive a clear roadmap to finding, identifying, and attracting compatible partners for the co-creation of sustainable relationships between opposites and equals - and who knows, maybe even meet your soulmate!


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*NOTE* - This workshop can be taken as part of a series, and there is a limited number of discount packages available when you register for the entire series. For more information click here: Immersion Experience (