What we're about

What does it mean to be a Man?

A group for people who identify themselves as Men, and are looking for personal growth.

• Building better relationships with women

• Understanding how to speak womanese!

• Redefining Masculinity

• In touch with your feelings

• Know your blueprint and design your life from there

• Vulnerability as Strength, not weakness

• Not shaming your sexual hunger, learn to work with it

• Not look for people around you to define your worth

• In tune with your body and its natural intelligence

• Learn how to be more connectable

• New paradigm of relationships - rules of connection are 180 degrees different from the rules of production

• Honesty and truth at the core

• You have had enough of competing with other men and are ready to be part of a brotherhood and understand

We do not believe in a prescriptive path of manhood, but knowing who we are and then living our life from that place

To keep this group working well, we have a few guidelines!

No negativity. That means no whining, complaining, women-bashing, or insulting. This detracts from the mission of the group and we will remove anyone found doing that.

All views and opinions are welcome. Please treat others with respect!

This is a place for personal growth, not promotional of your business.

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Men's Group - In Person

Golden Lane Community Association


We would like to invite you to join us for an In-Person Mens Group It will be facilitated by Kapil, Wahome, David and Paddy - Relationship and Men's coaches who have 10+ years of personal development work between them, and have been holding Men’s Group for 5+ years. We gather to practice openness, seek reflection and radical candour. Our intention is to use the bonds of brotherhood to wake ourselves out of conditioned patterns so that we may be our truest selves. This is no easy path. We do not do it for glory but rather because we have found that our lives are fuller and our relationships are more fulfilling when we have this level of self-honesty and responsibility. The work we choose to do is uncomfortable, and will bring up feelings that will disrupt our homeostasis. This is intentional and purposeful. We do this together in connection in order to do the deep work of undoing the conditioning that has been our prison, and be able to help each other out on the path. Location: Golden Lane Community Association, London EC1Y 0RN Timing: 3pm - 4:30pm. (Please be on time so that we can start the group promptly) Fee: £10. Cash Only (Please bring correct amount change will not be given)

The New Masculinity Conference 2019

Bell Studios

What does it mean to be a masculine man in modern times? ​ As men, we live in a challenging era. ​ The misconduct and oppressiveness of some male public figures has led to condemnation of male behaviour and "male-ness" in general, labelling male power as "toxic masculinity." Some academics and social activists would have us believe that the experience of gender as "masculine" or "feminine" is itself an artificial social construct, and not inherent in our own nature. And yet, many men may feel that our masculinity is not arbitrary and not just a product of our upbringing and imagination. Modern men are bombarded by these confusing and even condemning messages about what it means to be a man, leaving many of us to feel self-conscious about our impulses and guilty just for being men. Picture ​THE NEW MASCULINITY ​CONFERENCE 2019, LONDON This conference is dedicated to men who want to embody their masculinity with responsibility and positive intent. In the modern world, few men have positive masculine role models, if any at all. Certainly, our media fails to offer many positive examples. The panel discussion and interactive workshops will focus on NEW MASCULINITY: How to embrace both our inner sensitivity and aliveness, and also our power and leadership in the world. Register for this conference at this link - https://www.thesoulofmen.com/conference-2019.html

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