What we're about

Come spread your own ideas and be free to talk about whats important to you in a non judgmental group setting where people can grow together.. We also are affiliated with a fri evening too sun morning silent zen retreat 2 hrs from chicagoland.


My Foundations of Practice

Being kind
-love yourself first
-seek good in all situations
-seeing self in universe
-accept most of the things that make us mad are reflection of self

Be free
-what more do you want there is no more
-tap into true self
-screw what other people think
-societal norms are not you
-dance sing howl create
-when and why did u give up your dream

Seek Reality
-ego dissolution. become the waterfall ease the terror of I
-who am I?
-are my thoughts me
-what is time. Why feel rushed
-what is success? Why do i strive for material
-illusion of separate self

Have Control (meditation/daily mindfulness)
-healthy body & mind
-do what you mean (act with intention)
-give up control

Masters and literature thats important

Shunyru Suzuki- beginners mind, not always so
Thich Nhat Hanh- how to love, how to connect
Ram das- be here now, journey of awakening
Jack kornfield- meditation for beginners
Ramana maharshi- Who am I?
Don Miguel Ruiz- the four agreements

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