Calling All Empaths!!

This is a past event

31 people went

Pelham Road Library | F.W. Symmes Branch

1508 Pelham Rd · Greenville, SC

How to find us

Just off Pelham Rd! Walk in front door and head RIGHT through the double doors just past the bathrooms. Please enter quietly if you arrive late, as the meeting will start at 2:00.

Location image of event venue


This meetup is a gathering for empaths or people who think they may be an empath. Not sure if you're an empath? Answer the following questions:

Do you easily pick up on the mental and emotional state of another person without them saying a word?
Do you sometimes take on others' feelings as if they were your own?
Do you avoid crowds and loud places because they drain you or stress you out?
Have you been told, "You're too sensitive!" by others?
Do you generally need alone time to recharge?
Do strangers often share their problems with you?
Do you have a strong interest in spirituality or metaphysical studies?
Do you tend to have a gentle, caring nature, often doing more for people or the planet than others typically would?
Have you often been taken advantage of in the past? In other words, you're a giver and takers seemingly show up at your doorstep?
Have you had at least one relationship or friendship with a narcissist?
Do you sometimes feel others' physical issues in your own body?
Do you seemingly know what animals and plants need to be happy?

If you have answered yes to some or all of these questions, you are most likely an empath! Many people go through life never knowing they are an empath. So, during the FIRST HOUR of this meetup, I will help educate participants about the types of empaths (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, natural, and shamanic.) You will answer questions that help you determine which one(s) you are. I will also include how an empath can CLEAR and PROTECT themselves from other people's energy.

During the SECOND HOUR I will explain why empaths attract ENERGY VAMPIRES such as narcissists, controllers, victim types, and others into their life. I have had many personal experiences that I will share with the group to illustrate how you can avoid the headache, heartache, and pitfalls out there when you are highly sensitive. I will share valuable insights from psychiatrist (and empath!) Judith Orloff's book, The Empath's Survival Guide as well as Dr. Christiane Northrup's book, Dodging Energy Vampires.
There will be room for discussion as well as questions as it's always more fun when the meetup is interactive!

There is no charge for the meetup, but donations are welcome and there will be a donation box near the door of the meeting room. Thank you for helping me with the Meetup dues so I can keep hosting meetups for our community! :)

{Please note: the library rules allow only bottled water to be brought in, no food or other beverages.}