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Weight -- 6 Week Series
has been up to now It’s the subject on the minds of so many of us – our weight! Whether the goal is to create our ideal body or reach a healthy weight and keep it stable, the intent of this series is to set you up for success. Make 2018 your year to transform! Instead of resolving to lose weight, consider making a resolution to thrive. Resolve to nourish yourself as you make consistent progress with your weight. This resolution is sustainable indefinitely. This resolution delivers permanent benefits. This resolution transcends weight and goes within. This series will guide you through a manageable, energizing approach while being kind to yourself as you go (in fact, it’s a requirement)! This series will require: • attending the first meeting on January 12. • a commitment to participate in as many of the remaining 5 weekly meetings as possible, ending on February 23. • a strong desire for change. • willingness to take daily action. • getting the book "Within" by Dr. Habib Sadeghi (Here's the link on Amazon “Within” is a radical approach to weight loss because it brings about personal growth and development. It goes beyond the scale. It is a 40-day commitment to mindfulness and self-love to achieve our goals around our weight. The book moves us through daily intentions and focused action that serve to anchor and guide our progress. Our meetings will serve as a support group to help maintain consistent progress and stay motivated. The optimal size for an effective support group is 12. So I will close Rsvp’s to the first 12 members. Meeting 1: January 12 Get to know each other. Identify what our biggest struggle has been in achieving what we want with our weight. We will “get to the why” as Tony Robbins says, as a way to gauge our motivation to change. *Begin day one of the “Within” 40-day program on January 13. Meetings 2-5: • We will recognize our efforts over the last week and share our experiences and insights. We will walk away recharged and with renewed intention to keep moving forward through the next week. • Meeting 2, January 19 • Meeting 3, January 26 • Meeting 4, February 2 • Meeting 5, February 9 • Meeting 6: February 23 Celebrate! We will honor our commitment and any and all progress we’ve made over the last 6 weeks. We will each create our own plan to continue moving steadily forward. By Rsvping YES, you are enthusiastically in it for the 6 week series:)) NOTE: For anyone who wants to attend but the Rsvp is closed, please message me. I will schedule another Meetup just like this if there is enough interest! Venue – asking Barnes and Noble

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This casual Meetup is a place for women to come give and receive support and find some guidance improving their overall health. In this group, health means overall well-being -- body, mind, spirit. The perspective here is that nutrition extends beyond the plate and into lifestyle, primarily the areas of physical activity, relationship, spirit, and occupation. A balance of these elements + nutritious foods = health. It's also a journey, not fixed, always evolving. So if you are a woman who feels out of balance and wants help restoring it, this is your group! Come with a curious, open mind, and an intention to be well and know you aren't alone. It may very well be the right next step for you to get where you want to be.

What this group is: a place to gain deeper insight around specific health challenges...a place to learn some practical approaches to achieving and maintaining health, both on and off the plate...a place to boost your confidence so you feel ready to make the changes you want to make...a safe space to share, as you see fit...what you make of it.

What this group can be: a powerful catalyst for change...healing...a place to make a friend or two...informational...intense...light...FUN!

What this group is not: a place where you are expected to spill your guts...a touchy-feely, excessively emotive group (unless it organically evolves into that)...boring...preachy...judgey.

Come as you are, no fussing needed. We look forward to meeting you!

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