Getting deep on the 3 Types of Attachment

Intellectual Connection for Myers-Briggs N’s (Intuitives)
Intellectual Connection for Myers-Briggs N’s (Intuitives)
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It’s a 20-something story white building. Park on street or in the garage before the gate, it's OK to park in a spot with numbers, just not in a reserved spot (little white sign). Tell concierge you’re there for Kristin on 4th floor.

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Hi N’s,
Pretty exciting topic here. Thanks to Christine and Jatin for the inspiration!

Did you know there are various Types of Attachment in relationships? They are Avoidant, Secure and Anxious.

In this meetup, we'll start by reviewing the 3 types and the variations. Then we'll have an open dialogue with discussion questions: What is your Attachment Type? Think back, what has influenced your type? If your type is not secure, what would have to alter in yourself to make this shift? What's in the way of that?

Having self-awareness of this topic should bring about a sense of freedom and empowerment.

See you!
Kristin, INFJ-A