Why have manners faded in today's society? (Zoom session)


Hi N's,
This is an online ZOOM Session.

There was a time when planes were full of men in suits and women in dresses. Today you just hope people keep their socks on. There was a time when you used people's name when you saw them. Today it's more "sup, brah". There was a time when you returned people's calls. Today we ghost at will. And back in the day, those who acted without regard to manners were often excluded, and were kept on the fringes of "polite society".

In this meetup we'll discuss:

1) How do we define manners in 2020? Where is the line now between rude and civil?
2) How has social media and online dating changed the game?
3) How are manners viewed now? i.e. Inefficient use of time, celebration of individuality or rejection of conformity? Or, do we all agree manners are just dumb?

Go to www.zoom.us and click "join a meeting" "join by meeting ID" type in:[masked] or click here: https://VMware.zoom.us/j/448256136 You're welcome to join via video or just be on the call.

See you!
Kristin, INFJ-A