Mass Hysteria, from an N's perspective

Intellectual Connection for Myers-Briggs N’s (Intuitives)
Intellectual Connection for Myers-Briggs N’s (Intuitives)
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Lifetime Athletic is a large fitness center (white exterior) that's in between Nordstroms and Dillards at International Plaza. Free parking. At front desk, state you're there for Kristin in studio 1.

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Hi N's,
In sociology or psychology "Mass Hysteria" refers to the collective delusions of threats to society that spread rapidly through rumors or fear. Basically its when a bunch of people start "acting a fool" due to stress.

Over the last 2 weeks, our world has experienced unprecedented fear, stress and anxiety while watching this global spread of the coronavirus. There are two things that are happening simultaneously. There are facts and then there are emotions that come with it.

Discussion Questions:
1) If you go to your local grocery store, toilet paper aisles are empty. Why is fear and panic causing people to go to stores to purchase an excessive amount of toilet paper while increasing their chances of catching the virus?

2) Let's discuss 'the herd' mentality. In times of uncertainty, people rely upon the crowd to lead us. We based our decisions on what others are doing and assume the masses have done their research. In reality, everyone basis their decisions on the decisions of others. Fads, Booms, Crashes explain this behavior..

3) What are some examples of Mass Hysteria in history? ie. dancing plague of 1518, Mumbai Sweet water incident of 2006, Dust bowl of the 1930's, etc.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. We'll be in studio 1 at Lifetime Athletic.

See you!
Kristin, INFJ-A