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Welcome to the Intellectual Dark Web of Boise.

All new group members must meet with the creator before acceptance. This is mandatory because we only want serious members.

This group is for people who are tired of the simplification of our society. The "groupthink" that continually gets worse in our media and online communities. If you listen to or follow...

• Jordan Peterson • Sam Harris • Thomas Sowell • Weinstein Brothers • Dave Rubin • Heather Heying • Ben Shapiro • Cristina Hoff Sommers • Joe Rogan • Dan Carlin • Gad Saad • Quillette • Majiid Nawaz • Ayaan Hirsi Ali • Douglas Murray • Michael Shermer • Sargon of Akkad • Yaron Brook • Rebel Wisdom

Then you've come to the right place.

In order to join this group, you must...

• Have a willingness to engage in conversations with people who have different beliefs and political viewpoints

• Understand or at least acknowledge identity politics (and a recognition that it has become the dominant ideology in mainstream media discourse)

• Have ideas worth listening to

• Honor freedom of speech

This group is just starting out (04/21/18). So what we will focus on will be vague the first few months. My hope is to have a community of like-minded individuals who respectfully discuss and explore vast arrays of topics.

Potential Topic or Discussions

• Identity politics

• Does white privilege exist?

• Is there a gender pay gap?

• What is America's role in the world?

• Religious freedom and fundamentalism

• Are sex and gender separate?

• Guiding philosophies in life

• Basic economic theory

• Consumerism and the decline of American's happiness

Please join our group if this resonates with you.

Active participation is a must!

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