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Welcome to Intellectual Discussion and Big Questions! We meet twice a month to discuss topics ranging from philosophy, history, psychology, ethics, technology, economics, science, sociology, the paranormal and more. After the scheduled meeting, we hang out and discuss whatever comes to mind. I can't wait to meet you and discuss big ideas!

Sample Discussions:

How will technology affect society in the future?

Artificial intelligence – how will it affect society?

Is privacy a right?

What makes us human?

How does consciousness come into being?

Death and dying, Should doctor assisted suicide (euthanasia) be legal?

Is our universe the only one, or are there multiple universes such as a multiverse?

What is an ideal government?

What is an ideal education?

What obligations do we have to future generations?

Do we have free will?

What is empathy?

What is consciousness?

Is there such thing as knowing something through extrasensory means such as precognition (knowing the future before it happens) or telepathy (knowing another’s thoughts without asking them)?

What is love?

How should we live together in society?

What is the self?

Is morality absolute?

What is the difference between humans and other animals?

How much worse is it to do evil than to simply allow evil to occur?

What is the ideal relation between the individual and the State?

How should we, as individuals, treat the homeless or those in need?

Also see our past events to see what we have discussed.

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