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Thank you for joining Boston Metro Area Intense Discussion and Debate! Be sure to join our Facebook group, too: ( When you request to join the Facebook group, please send a link to your Meetup profile so that I know that you're also in the Meetup group.

This is a group for people who dislike small talk and would rather have intense discussion and debate using evidence-based reasoning. No topics are taboo or off-limits. Come hang out, expand your mind, shock people, and meet like-minded others.

IMPORTANT: If you RSVP "yes", I expect you to come. I will send reminders twice during the week before the Meetup to remind people to change their RSVPs if they can't make it. Numerous times, people have RSVPed "yes" and NOT shown up. This is not fair to those on the wait list who think there's not enough room for them at an upcoming Meetup. IF YOU RSVP "YES" AND DON'T SHOW UP, YOU GET MARKED AS "NO-SHOW" (unless it was an emergency and you simply forgot, but make a point to email me later to tell me about it). THREE NO-SHOWS MEAN YOU'LL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP.

Here are the rules of the Meetup:

• This group strives to be a welcoming environment for anybody who would like to discuss taboo subjects, whether politics, religion, social issues, etc. I have Asperger's Syndrome and want to make this as an inclusive environment as possible for people of all walks of life. We welcome people from all different religious, social, and political backgrounds; people with disabilities, whether they are blind, deaf, need to use a wheelchair etc.; and people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual/demisexual, transgender, genderqueer, agender, bigender, intersex, other queer, questioning, and so forth.

• Obviously, in a group like this, people are bound to be occasionally uncomfortable with some of the topics being discussed. Please remember that all topics are permitted, provided that those involved in the discussion can provide evidence-based reasoning to back up their viewpoint. If there is a topic that makes you uncomfortable, we will not stop debating it. I would instead encourage you to take a walk and unwind, branch off at another table with other people and discuss something else, or leave and come back next time.

• Name-calling and ad hominem attacks are unacceptable. Attack people's ideas, not the person themselves. You may say things like, "That idea is fucked up" or "Oh, God, do you believe that?"; these debates tend to get quite impassioned! However, "You're an asshole for suggesting that idea" or "You're an idiot if you believe that" are not okay.

• Have fun!

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