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This is a group for beginners at all levels, including false beginners/ elementary levels and low-level speakers. If you want to learn/study English and be confident speaking and communicating in English as quickly as possible, then you have come to the right place! The easiest and best way to achieve this is to do my intensive English course which requires daily study. The course is designed for beginners and low-level speakers. All the lessons build up gradually as you develop your English language skills. Each course will last for 4-8 weeks. By committing to these short but intensive English courses you will make a vast improvement in your English fluency.

Throughout the short but intensive English course, we will work on:

• Speaking and Listening Skills

• Conversation & Questioning Skills

• Error Correction

• Useful and Practical Vocabulary and Phrases

• Pronunciation

• Natural Grammar

• Writing Skills

• Confidence and Communication Skills

• Job Interview Skills (if you need it)

One to one classes of my small group courses are also available. Please send me a message if you are interested in one to one classes. Live Skype/video lessons of my courses are also available.

Because I am an experienced and professional English Language Teacher, my lessons are very well organized, structured and fun! You will surprise yourself how quickly you learn and progress with my course.

I have a clear British English accent, friendly manner with a positive attitude and I am truly passionate about inspiring my students to learn and quickly improve their English in a fun and playful way.

All my classes are based In a small group of maximum 5 students! The atmosphere is always friendly, welcoming and supportive.

Please prepare to work hard; prepare to learn English quickly and you will make excellent progress with my course in a very short time!

I very much look forward to meeting you soon at one of my classes.

Reviews of my intensive courses for beginners/low level speakers

“ Rachel is a kind, friendly and considerate teacher! She has a positive attitude and encourage students to speak English. The atmosphere in class is friendly. I feel comfortable to speak English in class. Rachel corrects our pronunciation and writing. This class is really helpful for beginners. Highly recommend this class. Don't hesitate. Just give it a go! ”

— Mandy (http://www.meetup.com/Intensive-English-Course-For-Beginners/members/200788368/) on Jun 9, 2016.

"I've been studying about a second month with Rachel. I should admit she maintain very friendly atmosphere in the classroom. The lessons are full of fun, we talking a lot so 4 hours of intensive learnings run really fast. Rachel definitely has a talent to speak up a pupil, to find the most interesting connected to the real life theme for conversation. Within a month I improved my verbal skills, vocabulary, and ability to understand what I hear. I really think Rachel's classes are quite effective and I'd recommend them for beginners like I used to be recently." Nadezhda 6 June 2015


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