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The new way to Meet Up.

Let’s face it Meetups can be challenging. Maybe we meet someone at an event and feel like we’ve made a connection, but neither of us are comfortable with putting ourselves out there to maintain the connection. As a result, we may see each other sporadically at events. For others, we may attend numerous events without feeling as though we’ve made any meaningful connections, because conversations just don’t seem to scratch beyond the surface.

Intentional People is a group designed with this in mind - providing an alternative for those committed to continuous self-growth, goal achievement, and living their best life, while forging genuine friendships that go beyond the surface. Comfort is a major barrier to success. As a result, events are designed to stretch us beyond our comfort zones towards success in various areas of life (whether that be learning how to be happy on a stable basis, growing past difficult relationships to build healthy ones, or achieving our personal, career, or educational goals). The majority of events will be held at a consistent venue with food and beverages provided. Events will be structured in either one of two ways: Small groups spanning over several weeks and single Q&A discussion style events.

Small Groups - Utilizing powerful social psychology techniques known to increase social bonding and personal growth, these events will span over a number of weeks. This event style will allow us to connect and build intentional relationships through consistency, meaningful discussion, and activities. This consistency will allow us to form new habits that promote personal growth and genuine supportive relationships with like minded individuals. These events require pre-payment in order to overcome the challenge of sporadic attendance, that poses a hindrance to both relationship building and self-growth.

Q&A’s - single events (i.e. occurring within one day), these discussion style events will allow us to connect over meaningful topics where we will have the opportunity to ask and answer questions based on a particular subject matter (e.g. dating expectations, relationships, sex, parenting, career, health & fitness, etc.). We will also utilize options that offer anonymity in posing questions to the group, that way we can feel safe in asking even the more personal of our questions. These events will not have an attendee limit and payment may be made at the event on arrival.

*All event fees go towards organizer costs (i.e. venue, food, host, activity supplies, Meetup group subscription fees, etc.)

*Life happens and therefore we accept last minute cancellations for Q&A style events, but please note that 2 “no-shows” for these events will result in membership withdrawal.

*This group is for adults of all ages.
Looking for a young adult specific grouping? Please feel free to join “Intentional People (Young Adults)” for members aged 21-35. [Please type the group name into the search bar to locate it].

*Please ensure to have a clear photo showing your face when sending a join request.

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