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What we’re about

Unlock the Wisdom of Your Body!

InterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. It uses movement, sound, storytelling, stillness, and contact to provide a powerful forum for creative expression, self-exploration, connection, and play.

Using simple incremental forms, it helps to free your body and your voice, deepen the connection with your creative self, bring breath and ease back into your life, and build awareness of the wisdom of your body, all while cultivating meaningful community connection.

InterPlay is something that anybody can do—no experience is necessary. The focus is on exploration, authenticity, and enjoyable personal and group expression—all you need is a willingness to engage. Expect to laugh, savor and relax & be surprised by what you can do!

If you enjoy creative expression, self-exploration, and meaningful community connection, you'll likely enjoy InterPlay. Come join us for a joyful, creative, and transformative experience!

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If you would like to learn more about InterPlay and how it's being used around the world, you can check out the national website at:

You can also watch these brief introductory videos by the InterPlay co-founders, Phil Porter & Cynthia Winton-Henry:


InterPlay Ann Arbor is lead by Lee Edwards, Bilha Birman Rivlin, Yair Rivlin, Martha Stokely, and Gwynneth VanLaven.  


Lee Edwards is a Body-Mind Therapist, Certified InterPlay Leader, and a Life Practice Program Leader, and she leads in-person and online workshops in a range of creative and transformational topics.

Lee's journey with InterPlay started in 2008, and she's been leading InterPlay since 2016, and became a Life Practice Program leader in 2020. In addition to running her therapy practice, Lee loves using creative expression, drama, and movement for self-exploration and personal growth, as well as for the joy and fun of it, and she deeply appreciates how InterPlay weaves together many of these threads.


Lee lives in Traverse City, but is originally from Ann Arbor, and she started the Ann Arbor InterPlay community in 2016 because she felt that Ann Arbor was a natural fit for all that InterPlay offers, and she wanted to share the beauty of InterPlay with the hometown that had given her so much. Lee has also been leading InterPlay across Michigan, helping to seed communities in other locations, including Traverse City, Charlevoix, Petoskey, and Detroit. If you'd like to have InterPlay come to your community, please reach out!

For more info about Lee's therapeutic practice, SoulWays Body-Mind Therapy & Integrative Energywork, please see her website at:


Certified InterPlay Leader 

Bilha Birman Rivlin, PhD., has been a theatre professional for over 30 years as an actress, director, puppeteer, story teller, and teacher. She earned her PhD from the Theatre Department at Wayne State University, where she wrote her dissertation on the creative process and the path of transformation. 

Bilha is a long-time practitioner of Insight Mindful Meditation (IM), and has been teaching IM along with Buddhist practices and philosophies for over a decade. 

Bilha’s journey with theatre, drama, improvisation, and IM practices allow her to explore life’s present moment in its kaleidoscopic forms of expression. The integration of Dharma, drama and the creative play is Bilha’s guiding passion and contribution to her teachings. It is her path to the soulful life we all aspire to live. 

InterPlay moves me to communicate what I feel with myself and others by improvising my presence through words, sound, movement, connection and stillness.” -Bilha Birman-Rivlin