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InterPlay is an easy to learn creative process that invites people to express themselves through stories, movement and voice. It's a lot of fun and also enables people to learn new things about themselves and others. Anybody can do it. All you need in order to get started is yourself.

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You're invited to learn more about InterPlay through the content and links provided on this site. In addition, we hope you'll attend some events at your earliest convenience. We believe you'll be very happy you did! And, like many of us who have been doing InterPlay for 5 to 10 to 20+ years, you might find that it becomes an important part of your life.

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InterPlay is most often done in public classes that are offered on a "drop-in" basis. People can attend sessions whenever they please. In these classes, InterPlay leaders guide participants through well-established activities using stories, movement, voice, or any combination of the three. For example, the leader may invite participants to share about an everyday experience with a partner or a small group. Or, the leader may guide the whole group through some basic movements and then enable participants to explore their own ways of moving. Each class is designed so people can get to know each other through activities in the whole group, in small groups, with partners and also apart from others.

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At InterPlay events participants are invited to express themselves in the moment. They are encouraged to set aside any sense that they need to do things perfectly or correctly. In addition, they are encouraged to let go of any sense that they need to entertain or impress others. This approach to self expression enables people to release stress and experience ease as they freely explore whatever interests them in the moment.

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You don’t need to think of yourself as being creative in order to do InterPlay, but chances are you will find you are much more creative than you think. You are likely to find that there is great wisdom in your body. That wisdom may be in the form of memories, movements, rhythms and countless other types of experiences you have accumulated throughout the course of your life. Through InterPlay's simple activities, you are invited to unlock that wisdom. This process can be a lot of fun. It may also provide a path to enhanced relationships with yourself and others.

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In addition to public "drop-in" classes, InterPlay offers retreats and extended programs where people can dive deeper into this practice. In these events, participants gain a fuller understanding of how InterPlay can positively impact multiple aspects of their lives. So, beyond individual classes, a person can become a life-long learner in InterPlay.

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The Chicago InterPlay community also offers performance-oriented classes or retreats that end in a casual performance for family and friends. These opportunities can be great for a range of participants- from people who want to become more confident public speakers to professional performing artists who want to add more spontaneity to their work.

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InterPlay was originally started by performing artists Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter to enable people of all backgrounds to experience the joy that comes from authentic self-expression.



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1. "What is InterPlay?" (http://interplay.org/index.cfm/go/about:home/)

2. www.InterPlay.org (http://www.Interplay.org)

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(Note: This description of InterPlay was written by Jeff Breting in January 2015 with videos provided by InterPlay & Body Wisdom, Inc. Minor edits were made by Jeff on 7/24/16.)

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