What we're about

In this group we play interactive fun educational board and online games that teach business entrepreneurship, accounting, finance, and investing...all at the same time! What's amazing is that it does NOT feel at all like classroom learning; it makes learning fun!

We are all here to improve our know-how in the area of Financial Literacy, owning a business, as well as our Stock Market knowledge.

The owner of this group Kimani Frank, owns her own nonprofit where she is dedicated to teaching and promoting financial literacy in her community. http://nurturedmindset.org

At each meetup, You'll learn:

- the difference between an asset and a liability;

- how to make your money work for you (not the other way around);

- understand passive income

- how to become wealthy

- simulate an actual start-up business

- how to get out of the Rat Race (ie going to a job where you exchange your time for money);

- You'll be amazed to see how the game reflects how you manage your own finances.

Bring your family and friends for fun and learning. You’ll love it! Come join us; it's a relaxed, casual, and fun time.

Past events (4)

Let’s Play Cashflow game!

Capital One Cafe at the Domain

Let’s Play Cashflow Game!

Clay Madsen Recreation Center

Let’s Play Cashflow game!

WeWork The Domain

Let’s Play Cashflow Game!

Capital One Cafe - Domain - Community Room