What we're about

Listen up renters, first-time buyers, move-up buyers, down-sizers or anyone who is simply interested in understanding real estate in today's world.

There is so much information printed daily for the people who work in real estate and understand real estate, but there's limited information available for the CONSUMER. For the person looking for easy to understand information that can be relatable to their life circumstances.

Members of this group will learn about the issues impacting the real estate world and how it applies to them. Let's be honest, so much has changed since the collapse of real estate in 2008. Would you know where to begin to buy or sell in today's market? When we say begin, we mean start the process the proper way. This group will empower individuals by providing detailed steps that are necessary for a smooth transaction in 2019 and beyond. It will help you take a proactive approach, so you have time to learn, understand, budget and execute a real estate plan. Most people are forced to act from a reactive approach; buying & selling due to circumstances outside their control.

Look no further. We will give you the tools necessary to take control of your future by attending one of our educational workshops. You must see it; or should we say, "experience" it to believe it. We promise, our workshops are truly interactive and immerse you in a fun & easy to understand process. Learn in a relaxed environment at your pace. You will walk away with a full understanding of your role in the process and a renewed excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead for you and your family. You will be prepared to be in full control of your next real estate buying or selling decision. That's empowerment!

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