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💥New meetup: In Progress 💥

After a successful pilot last year, we decided to transform our format of the Interactive Storytelling Meetup. Because change is progress (Google says) and progress is exáctly what we find highly delightful. That’s why the event will continue under the title ‘In Progress’.The event will continue under the title ‘In Progress’.


Progress is where the magic happens. It’s that part of the process where you can still learn, fail, improve, experiment. For many artists, designers and makers it’s a golden moment of testing something under construction, and using the gained knowledge to iterate and move forward. For an audience it’s the thrill of getting a sneak peek into the freshest upcoming projects.

In Progress:

Offering space to 10-15 prototypes. All work is In Progress. Think about installations, XR experiences, workshops, soundscapes, games, a freshly designed scent, an interactive performance or any other experience: each edition is a mini-festival full of upcoming projects.