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Please note, this is not a dating group. All people are welcome and encouraged to join, couples and singles who are interested in having a loving healthy and liberating relationship. Although this group is created for intimate relationships, the teachings are transferable to all types of relationships.

About the organizers:

This group is organized by Donia and her husband Masoud. Donia is a Certified Executive and Empowerment Coach with over 20 years of international experience in Human Development and the fields of Organizational Development. Masoud is a Certified Occupational Therapist and Health Manager with 28 years of international experience. He has been practicing in Mental Health for over 20 years.

Donia and Masoud as a married couple share a beautiful interdependent relationship. They are each strong, autonomous individuals with unique characteristics, backgrounds and opinions. Yet, they are loving, supportive and balanced in their relationship together.

Group intention:

To share the results of interdependent relationships and how this can be achieved. Interdependency in relationships means that two people are autonomous (this is the ability to function independently).

Interdependent relationships is where two strong individuals, are in a relationship with each other, but without sacrificing themselves or compromising their values. What they have is a balanced relationship.

When people are in close relationships, it is normal to love each other, want to be close to each other, be concerned and think of each other. In close relationships our lives are intertwined, we are affected and need each other. However, in an interdependent relationship the people share power equally and take responsibility for their own feelings, actions, and contributions to the relationship. Each individual has healthy self-esteem, can manage their thoughts and feelings on their own and doesn’t have to control someone else to feel okay.

They allow for each other’s differences and honour each other’s separateness. They can listen to their partner’s feelings and needs without feeling guilty or becoming defensive. Their self-esteem doesn’t depend upon their partner, and as such they don’t fear intimacy. Being in this type of interdependent relationship gives each person more freedom. Living in an interdependent relationship gives both parties respect and nurturing. There’s mutual respect and support for each other’s personal goals, while they are both committed to the relationship.

Meeting format:

Meetings will be a mixture of open discussions, questions and answers as well as workshop format.

Fee: $5 per person, per meeting

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