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Seeking to meet people with an open mind to conversing on topics besides the normal "weather".

Things such as:
Self-realization, Mindfulness, Quantum physics, Philosophy of mind, Perception, the nature of reality, self-awareness, consciousness, personal growth, enlightenment, and intelligent conversation about topics in this line of consideration.

This group can do anything, not just sit in one spot! Come on, get up, get out and experience your life which occurs whether you choose to make memories or waste your time stagnant! Make amazing memories and great friendships. Be here now....

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If you applied and did not get accepted, our group is at the maximum however all events will be posted on the Facebook Group until we determine whether to expand membership.

This group is open for anything else that you find interesting to do! If you have a topic of interest please suggest it. We will not be talking about politics or organized religion as topics. I ask that you come to our get-togethers with an open mind and without imposing judgment on a person based on their opinion, regardless of how far it may fall from your own "opinion" as the group would hopefully foster an accepting attitude of all perceptions of personal reality.
This group is a social group for the purpose of discussing unusual topics relating to reality, mindfulness, consciousness, how you interpret the world around you, going on hikes, to coffee, making friends that you share common interests with. Seeking other seekers on the path to awakening and discovery.

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