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Modern Man Summit: The Impact Code
Tickets are available here The Modern Man Summit is back for the final event of the year. This time we are focusing on how you make an impact with your fashion/image, your speaking skills, your networking skills (both business and social) and your confidence. The talks this month are: How to be a magnetic networker in your personal and professional lives by Matt Kendall There is a saying that goes “your network is your net worth!” but how good are you at meeting people, connecting and networking? If you want to succeed in both your personal and professional life, then being a magnetic networker will get you there over your skills and experience. In this talk I will share with you my secrets of networking and building up a huge contact list that works in both the business and the social world. You don’t have to be the loudest or most confident guy in the room, you just need to know what you are doing and have a plan. In this talk you will learn: The benefits and ethos of networking How to really work a networking event How to be a natural networker at a social event How to create an amazing LinkedIn profile How to use social media properly to build your personal brand Image Masterclass - How to make a powerful first impression by Ollie Pearce In this event our resident playboy, fashion model, fitness expert and men’s personal stylist will examine how this concept has developed into the modern era. Looking great not only allows us to be held with high esteem and regard amongst our peers but also interprets a sense of our own identity and status. Looking good and feeling great are intrinsically linked with a humans sense of happiness. Taking pride in your appearance and KNOWING you look great are corner stones in the bigger picture of self confidence and high status. Do you want to make the right statements through you image. In this talk you will learn: Valuable insights into fashion and fitness from a top model How to dress to make the best first impression possible How to project an aura of confidence and calm even if you are incredibly anxious In just one hour Ollie will give massive value and live audience examples and makeovers showing how anyone can make the simple changes need to be ‘that guy’. The stylish sexy guy who turns heads when he walks into a room and is always met with adoration by his peers and romantic interests. Mental Mastery - How To Be Happy And Confident (Without Drugs and Alcohol) by Alex MacLellan The desire to feel and be seen as a ‘confident person’ is an attractive one to many people. The promise of an easy route to confidence by ‘sharing the secrets’ is enough to get people to stop what they were doing and read or buy whatever is being offered. Equally, we are all told that we should be living a happy life but we feel like we are constantly on a treadmill that is taking us no closer to our destination. In this highly practical talk you will learn: The problem with the current definition of happiness Where we draw confidence from, and how to find out what will give us confidence (every person is unique) How to use self-doubt and negative self-talk to improve and build your confidence Three techniques to build your confidence Five techniques to build sustainable happiness By the end of this talk you will have a step by step plan to become more confident, know how to build sustainable happiness, and be able to stop your self-doubt from affecting your life. Also special guest: The Art of Story Telling by David Saville. Tickets are available here:

The Rugby Tavern

19 Great James Street · London

What we're about

Welcome to Interesting Talks London. Interesting Talks has been going for 7 years and is the largest Personal Development Meetup group in the World. We are also one of the highest rated groups in the UK.

Interesting Talks is a weekly Meetup that takes place in Earl's Court. Each event we have a featured speaker who gives a 90 minute presentation on a specific topic. The events are held in a pub so it is fun and social. All the talks are presented from professional speakers and are practical.

All the events are professionally managed, well attended and filled with amazing people. At every event, 90% of the people come on their own. We welcome anyone who wants to come along to learn some amazing stuff and also to meet new people.

This is a very friendly and welcoming group and we look forward to seeing you at future events.

5 reasons why you should join Interesting Talks;

1. Meet amazing new people with a passion for learning

2. Get to hear some of the best speakers from around the world in an intimate setting

3. Learn about a range of subjects

4. All events are expertly organised

5. It is AMAZING value for money

Here are some reasons why you might not attend;

1) You don't want to come on your own.

Over 90% of the people who attend Interesting Talks come on their own and are looking to meet new people. This is as much a place to meet people as it is to hear great talks.

I will ensure that from as soon as you arrive you will feel welcome. I set people topics to actually talk about before the speaker comes on too. Let me break the awkward silence for you!

2) You don't want the hard sell for products and/or services.

I hate hard sell events. If an event is free, it will probably end up costing you something!

At Interesting Talks, the majority of the speakers have a book, product or service of some kind in relation to the subject they are speaking about. At the end of their talk they may give you a bit of information about whatever this is, however this is no hard sell of any kind.

So don't worry, if you don't want to further your relationship with the speakers, there is no pressure to do so.

3) You are a single girl and not sure if you should come on your own.

I have worked hard to make Interesting Talks a very safe environment for women to attend. Probably 60%+ of those attend are women. Please see the feedback in the group reviews and individual events to see what they have to say.

We have so many great talks lined up for you. So go ahead and get booking.

Matt Kendall

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