• Xmas Relationships & Intimacy Talk Show with Anna & Faisal
    Get your ticket now here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/xmas-relationships-intimacy-talk-show-with-anna-faisal-tickets-50439889066 Is your relationship nourishing or depleting your energy? Does it start well and then go horribly wrong? Are you attracting the right person for you or are you even visible to the right person? Maybe you are in a relationship and feel lonely, but don’t know how to reconnect? Or maybe you are in a loving relationship and would like to deepen the connection and intimacy. Maybe you are single and want to find and keep love; but you are fed so much rubbish about the opposite sex, and your own sex that you’ve become clouded with this negative view of relationships and dating politics. Join Anna Garcia, a woman's relationship expert and Faisal Khokhar, an international men’s life coach, in an interactive chat style evening seminar on relationships, dating, sex, intimacy, psychology, spirituality, energy and so much more in a fun and open environment. Hear them share their personal experiences and learnings after having spoken to thousands of people on the challenges men and women face when it comes to relationships, self insight, purpose and connection. Faisal will bring the male perspective while Anna will bring a women’s insight to create an evening where the insights and vulnerabilities you find will take you to the next level of discovery so you can build more meaningful and deeper relationships. Already in a relationship? Uncover the patterns you’re playing out that are stifling your growth and the tools to overcome them, elevating your relationships to new heights. Who is this for? Whether you are married, single, complicated, confused or all the above, this is for you. Benefits of this talk: You’ll walk away with the tools and insights that will help you get closer to your relationship vision, as well as have the opportunity to immerse and interact with two experienced life coaches. Throughout the evening you will also hear and learn from other members of the audience about the lessons, mistakes, successes and challenges we can all relate to. Have the chance to ask your burning questions about relationships, dating, intimacy, presence, communications. Understand the basics of masculine and feminine energies. Explore unhealthy relationships patterns and behaviours. Delve into deep rooted triggers and wounds that show up in relationships or dates. Discover the impact of your unconscious values and beliefs. Learn how to identify and communicate your needs. Ignite your relationship after the honeymoon period. Identify relationship red flags. Your hosts ANNA GARCÍA A playful, vivacious and inspirational facilitator/ relationship specialist committed to guiding individuals through their journey of self-discovery back to love & peace post painful relationships & events. Anna is the founder of the Relationships Intensive programme. She has dedicated the past 10 years working with women to discover how extraordinary they are, to have them know their power and to understand how to be in their relationships with others and most importantly, with themselves after loss or relationship breakup. FAISAL KHOKHAR Faisal is on a journey to inspire and passionately create transformation in the world, leading with an open heart and touching souls on the deepest level. He is the father of two young men, international speaker and a qualified NLP life coach. He works with men and women to support them in aligning their life choices with the desires and values that matter most to them. He empowers men to live a truly authentic life from the heart to create a life full of freedom, love and connection. Get your ticket now here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/xmas-relationships-intimacy-talk-show-with-anna-faisal-tickets-50439889066

    The Wesley Euston Hotel & Conference Venue

    Kingswood room, The Wesley Hotel & Conference, Euston · London

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  • A Day on Psychotherapy at Birkbeck University
    Tickets must be booked here http://bit.ly/2DQojvJ Psychedelics, Music and Meaning: A full day of talks exploring breakthrough approaches to psychotherapy. Can psychotherapy help you uncover a sense of purpose and meaning in life? What physiological effects does music have on the human mind? How is psychedelic-psychotherapy being used to ‘reset’ the brains of those suffering with treatment-resistant depression? These are just some of the topics the speakers will discuss at ‘A Day on Psychotherapy’ at The Weekend University. It’ll be a full day of talks exploring the rapidly growing evidence-base for these groundbreaking forms of therapy. You’ll learn: Meaning-centred psychotherapy; the fascinating science of how meaning can be used to help you overcome psychological problems, and live a more meaningful, purposeful life Music therapy; the latest innovative ways music is used in therapeutic practice to treat mental health problems such as depression and anxiety Psychedelic psychotherapy; how these ancient medicines are safely being used in a therapeutic setting to ‘reset the brains’ of those suffering from treatment-resistant depression. You’ll learn how these insights can improve your own quality of life, but also your ability help others too. Lectures & Speakers Meaning-Centred Psychotherapy - Dr Joel Vos, PhD Dr Joel Vos (www.joelvos.com) is clinical psychologist, philosopher and director of the internet platform Meaning Online (www.meaningonline.org). He works as researcher and lecturer at The Metanoia Institute and the New School for Psychotherapy and Counselling in London. He is chair of the successful IMEC International Meaning Conferences London (www.meaning.org.uk) Joel has over 70 scientific publications, including the books ‘Meaning in life: an evidence-based handbook for practitioners’ (Palgrave McMillan) and ‘Fifty pictures of living a meaningful life’ (amazon.co.uk). Music Therapy: An Introduction - Dr Helen Odell-Miller, OBE Dr Helen Odell-Miller, OBE is a Professor of Music Therapy and Director of the Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research at Anglia Ruskin University, UK. She pioneered music therapy approaches over 40 years in the National Health Service, and in universities, travelling the world and developing international consortia and partnerships. She has led arts therapies clinical and research teams, advised the government on music therapy and is author of several texts. She is also a singer, violinist and pianist. Psychedelic Psychotherapy - Dr Robin Carhart-Harriss, PhD (Preview) Dr Robin Carhart-Harris heads the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College London, where he moved to in 2008 after obtaining a PhD in Psychopharmacology from the University of Bristol and an MA in Psychoanalysis from Brunel University. At Imperial, he has conducted and overseen human brain imaging studies of the effects of LSD, psilocybin (magic mushrooms), MDMA and DMT (ayahuasca), plus a clinical trial of psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression. As of November 2018, he will be Associate Professor at the University of Oxford, where he will lead a new Centre for Psychedelic Research. Three of his papers ranked within the top 100 most impactful scientific papers of the year, over the last two years. His work has been featured in the Independent, New Scientist and Wired magazine. For a full breakdown of the lectures and speakers, please click here. Format The format will be similar to a TED event, but with in-depth lectures and focused on the theme of Psychotherapy. 10:00am – 12:00pm: Session 1 12:00 - 1:00pm: Lunch break 1:00pm - 3:00pm: Session 2 3:00pm - 3:15pm: Afternoon break 3:15pm - 5:00pm: Session 3 5:20pm - 7:00pm: Attendee Social and Networking Tickets must be booked here http://bit.ly/2DQojvJ

    Birkbeck, University of London Bloomsbury

    Malet Street Building · London

  • The Best You Expo - FREE TICKETS YAY!!!
    The Best You is a massive self development event that takes place every year. I have been asked back again to speak in 2019. The talk I will be giving this year will be "The 5 vital steps to start and grow your coaching business" I give a TON of practical advice. I am in one of the smaller rooms (about 120 seats) and it gets packed every year. I am speaking on Saturday at 3 or 4pm. Need to confirm. I have free tickets to give away. You can get yours here http://bit.ly/2zx18nY NINE STAGES 10,000+ PEOPLE 200 EXHIBITORS OVER 180 EXPERT SPEAKERS 6 MAIN STAGE TALKS with Influential Thought-Leaders YOGA & MEDITATION PLUS the INSPIRATION ZONE designed to help you unlock self-limiting beliefs and master new skills with Phobia Cures, Salsa dancing, Consciousness Hacking, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, walking on broken glass, AND, much, much more! Get your free tickets here http://bit.ly/2zx18nY

    London Olympia

    London Olympia, Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8UX · London