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Conversation and Persuasion Master Class by Matt Kendall

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Probably the last time I will be running this workshop. So make sure you book if you want to attend.

Here is some feedback from the recent events;

Nadia Baig "I am really glad I attended this session.Thanks Matt! I started immediately practising the skills that you have kindly pass on with my kids :) and it works! I can now get more out of them instead of a strait answer!"

Kayin "I'm extremely happy I attended...learnt some really useful things I can do immediately that will be beneficial in a massive way! Thanks so much Matt - what an excellent speaker with so much useful & very interesting knowledge & experience. I've really enjoyed your humour - it really made the day so enjoyable!"

Stella "Thanks for this session Matt, I'm now more conscious on how I connect, talk to others but also about my body language, it was great to have all those little tips.
YetundeLots of good tips given yesterday. I managed to try out a few today with some good results.
Thanks for the workshop Matt. :)"

Donald Alexander "Such a lot of helpful information put across in an easy way with plenty of persuasive illustrations"

Daniel Fahy "Hi Matt, Great workshop yesterday. Learned a lot of stuff in a short space of time."

Mr A "Lots of information presented in a fun way. The four hours flew in. Matt, thanks for doing this."

Mo "The quality and volume of content was staggering and the information Matt shared is priceless if applied each day. Such an amazing talk!"

Barbara "Three letters: W-O-W! Thank you ever so much for such an amazing workshop. I am a linguist and I can definitely use most of the content you gave us for my speech act class. That was awesome, I had a great time listening to you, Matt. ACTIVELY listening."

Jurga Tara "Thank you Matt, so many helpful tips!"

Daniel "Lots of stuff to think about, now to apply the concepts it all and see where it takes me."

Marty Drury "Amazing. This talk took all the theory I'd been taught about conversational hypnosis and showed me how to use it."

Alun Williams "very insightful talk, and in nice size bits, easy to take in, well worth the time and cost"

Scott Walker "very thought provoking that makes you question the basics of communication"

Workshop details

Conversation is a dying art form. The internet may have connected us, but it is breaking down our ability to communicate face to face. Text messages, Twitter, emails and Facebook are creating a new way of speaking and communicating that is highly ineffective for creating a genuine human connection.

For many years I worked as a head trainer at a male dating training company, and for a short time at a female dating company. I have also worked as a therapists for many years in the field of hypnosis. Added to this I have set up and run a variety of small businesses including Interesting Talks.

I have a unique perspective on conversation and communication skills that are highly effective in the real world. Teaching people the skill and art of effective communication is something I love to do, so I thought I would bring all the skills together and present it as a 1 day workshop.

In this 1 day workshop we will be covering;

How to plan and research your interactions

How to start, direct and end a conversation

How to keep interactions going using social media (SMS, Facebook etc)

Put people into any kind of emotional state or mood that you choose How to ask proper questions

How to use time distortion to make people think they have known you for a long time

How to make effective statements about people and read their minds

Eliciting amazing experiences and emotions in people so they want you around

The different positions of rapport and power

The difference between what people say and what people do

Active Listening and how to use peoples own words to build rapport

Amazing persuasion skills that allow you to guide people into making a decision

How social and group dynamics really work

How appearance, status and location dramatically affect communication

How to prepare for meetings, conversations, parties etc

How to create your own systems you can go and practice

The most common mistakes people make in conversation

This workshop is going to be highly practical with a range of exercises throughout to practice the skills. There will be a set of notes to take away and you will create a solid plan of how to go and practice.

This workshop is open to both men and woman and for any skill level. It will be based on NLP and hypnosis, however no prior experience is required.

This workshop is really suitable for the following groups of people;

Sales people – learn how to massively connect and influence sales people

Therapists/coaches – how to really understand people’s situations and building rapport

Entrepreneurs – how to connect with clients and sell your ideas

Dating – all these skills are amazing in the dating world for both men and women

Bosses/leaders – learn how to influence groups of people

Recently separated – are you recently separated and want to build new social circles, this is perfect for you

Networkers – learn how to connect and network with people

I have been lucky enough to train with some of the best influences in the world. All the skills I am going to be teaching work in the real world and have a strong basis in psychology and human behaviour. I will be doing multiple demonstrations to show you exactly how these skills work and also how to apply them in your own life.

All the skills I will be teaching are ethical. Although some of it is based in hypnosis, these skills are to help you become a better communicator and influencer for the better.

The spaces are limited for this event so please book ASAP.

Matt Kendall

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