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Getting Stuff Done! Turning ideas into reality by Matt Kendall

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Do you have an idea that you want to turn into reality? It might be a business idea or you may want to make personal changes in your life. Whatever you are thinking about at the moment, there is a structure to taking that idea and making it real. This does not include motivation, positive thinking, walking on hot coals or asking the universe.

Most people will not pursue their dreams and end up resenting others, or even worse, themselves. Fear keeps up contained within our comfort zone yet we want to make changes in our lives. But how is this possible to do without taking huge leaps of faith into the unknown?

On 24th March 2014, Matt Kendall turns 33. In his 33 years on planet Earth he has done a lot. From promoting bands and clubs in Manchester, to setting up and running one of the largest meetup groups in the world. Matt’s only talent in life is that to take an idea and actually make it into something real.

Please do not come to this event expecting it is going to be about positive thinking and motivation, it isn’t. This talk is going to be a psychological exploration into why people behave the way they do and why some people take action and others don’t.

You will learn the steps involved in taking action to make what is in your head something that exists in the real world. This will be a very interactive event and you will leave knowing the next step to take in order to make your idea into a reality.

Matt Kendall

It has often been said that if Matt actually a motivated person and went to bed and got up at reasonable times, that he would have been a millionaire many years ago.

Instead of doing a real job, he starts projects that he enjoys and making a living out of bringing his ideas to life. He also likes coffee, juicing and recently got into planking.

Some of Matt’s previous projects have included;

• New Manchester Bands (band and club promotion company in Manchester

• MK Printing (an online print and design studio)

• Brookfield Networking (a large networking event in Manchester)

• Hypnotherapy (Matt is a certified Hypnotherapist and run successful clinics)

• IEMT Training (Matt now trains therapists in this ground breaking change work model)

• The Interesting Business Club (a monthly networking and master group for entrepreneurs)

• Interesting Talks London (founder and host of one of the largest and most active meetups in the UK)

• Interesting Talks Online (co-founder of very successful membership site)

• Straight Forward Marketing System (co-producer of this successful information product)

• Straight Forward Workshops (regular day workshops on different topics)

There is absolutely nothing special about Matt. He has no special talents, he didn’t really do all that well at school and is probably below average in intelligence. However Matt only has one talent in life, the ability to get stuff done.