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How to be an effective problem solver using NLP techniques with Gemma Bailey

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At this talk you will not only get to experience some NLP techniques in action, but you will also have the opportunity to apply them to yourself with a full step by step explanation of which techniques Gemma is using and why.

Proving just how effective and fast NLP is, Gemma will be giving some live on the spot demonstrations with the help of some willing participants (who are not stooges!)

NLP priniciples help you to have a better understanding of how your thoughts influence your body and your emotions. NLP techniques give you the opportunity to change and challenge those thought to help you experience more useful emotions.

There are two big chunks Gemma will be introducing us to at this talk.

1. Submodalities. These are the sensory coding that we apply to our memories and experiences. In the same way that a CD has some code embedded in it that makes it play the tune it plays, your memories have a code attached to them to affect your emotions. You cannot change your memories of course, but you can certainly change the way you feel about them.

2. Language. We talk out loud and in our minds and the quality of the conversations we have with ourselves can massively influence the way in which we see and experience life.

Here is Gemma speaking at Interesting Talks last year

Gemma Bailey is the founder of People Building, an NLP and Hypnotherapy company providing resources and accredited training.

The People Building newsletter “Hello People!” is distributed to several thousand people, and the People Building Podcast is downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. It has consistently remained in the top 10 of the Itunes alternative health download chart since it began. In 2009 and 2010 The People Building podcast was nominated for the People’s Choice Podcast Award.

Gemma has worked tirelessly to provide great content via a variety of different media to those interested in self development field and now specializes in teaching NLP practitioners in using their skills with children (