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‘My stomach is disgusting and no one will love me’

‘My skin is embarrassing’

‘My thighs are so big. I hate them and I can never ever wear shorts or a swimsuit’

‘I wish I was taller, then I’d get find a partner easily. No one wants to date someone so short.’

‘I feel so let down by my body, the way it works, the way I look, everything.’

‘How can I be successful with a body like this?’

‘How can I be loved or respected when I look like this?’

‘If I could just lose the last 10 pounds and tone up, I’d be able to feel good about myself.’

‘I will never look as good as (insert friend or famous person) and everyone must think I’m a failure.’

I hear things like this the whole time. Hell, I’ve said or felt them myself too in the past.

Not liking or even loathing something about your body is really common. The awful thing is that the implications of feeling this way can be far reaching for your relationships, confidence, career and happiness. It stops you reaching your potential, by stealing your belief in yourself. It keeps you playing small, feeling unhappy and stuck.

It's like being in prison, where your possibilities for the future are limited because you're in the cage of 'the way I feel about my body is holding me back everywhere.'

This is not a situation that I want anyone to inhabit for a second longer than necessary. Just thinking about you being stuck there makes me angry, angry at the system and circumstances that have made you feel that way. The world is a poorer place for you being in that prison.

Most of all, I want you to be truly FREE. Free from feeling like your body isn't good enough, free to be yourself, free to create the future of your dreams, free to feel happy, energised and loved. For all of that, loving your body is going to make all the difference.

Loving your body instead of hating it or feeling ashamed of it will take you to a place full of

- Freedom

- Greater health and energy

- Confidence

- Higher aspirations for yourself

- Peace

- Kindness

- Success

If this sounds like a future you want for yourself, I would love for nothing more than for you to join me on 12th October for How to love Your Body No Matter What: Retreat, Heal, Connect.

This one day retreat will be nurturing, transforming and practical. I will guide you to leave behind all your body related shame (we might even set it on fire, fuck it yes, we will set the shameful stuff on fire so it can’t come back), forgive yourself and learn how to create a newly appreciate and respectful partnership with your body. We’ll even talk about pleasure and juicy wonderful stuff like that, because pleasure is the whole point of life in the end isn’t it…most of all you will feel free to create the future you really want and deserve now that you aren't consumed with not liking your body.

I promise all of this will have a beautiful ripple effect that will touch every aspect of your life going forwards.

Harriet x x

The venue is a private members space in Shoreditch. Numbers are strictly limited to ensure that the day is intimate.

Timings: 9:30am registration for a 10am start. Lunch break and tea breaks. We will wrap up between 5 and 6pm.

Here is what people who have attended my body love retreats in the past have said:

‘It was a really powerful retreat. I found hearing all about everyone else’s stories at the beginning of the day extremely powerful too. The thing that’s going to help the most with keeping up all the good work of the day is the planning we did in the afternoon for ‘fuck it’ moments – really helpful!’ – Katie Hile

‘I loved the friendly, relaxed way the whole day was organised. Everyone was given a chance to give their stories and point of view. Stuff came up on the day that I hadn’t even thought about before. It was superb, powerful and will have a big impact for me. – Graham. Yes, men come sometimes too on the retreats!

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