The New Wellbeing Craze of Shaking with Deveraj Sandberg

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When looking to uncover and overcome problems of the mind, we’ve naturally always turned to the mind for the solution—just look at psychotherapy.

The reality is though, the body influences the mind just as much as the mind influences the body.

Psychosomatic therapies such as Alexander Lowens’ ‘bioenergetics’ treats the mind through exploration and manipulation of the body. In bioenergetics, neurotic holding patterns, such as anxieties, fears, and repressed feelings are explored and released through active expression in the body.

These expressions consist of certain breathing, moving, and body-centering techniques which loosen hidden muscular tension, disrupt repetitive movement patterns, and relieve accumulated stress in the body.

The emotional and physical benefits are endless. According to Alexander Lowen—founder of bioenergetics therapy—some of those benefits include reducing stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and chronic muscular tension, and enhancing sexuality, emotional expression, and feelings of happiness.

Through the practice of Bioenergetics you can release the tension and feel more connected to yourself, others and life in general. You will feel a greater sense of joy, ease and delight as you go about your business.

Here is an example of a typical Bioenergetic exercise:

Here is another clip of Deveraj in action presenting some theory: