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You will have an interior decorator accompany the group and assist you in your decision making.

Do you love discounts? If you're on a tight budget like many, please know that you don't have to break the bank to get the wow factor when it comes to interior decorating. Having a good eye and creativity on how to best use the item are key. The following are 2 pictures of the SAME fireplace.



You will have a fabulous fun filled day meeting other ladies and shopping at several stores. Instead of shopping alone and second guessing if you should buy this one or that one, we are coming together to learn from each other, support each other, and best off all, you have the opportunity to discover new friends, new ways of decorating, and visit new stores that perhaps you have never heard of.

You are not required to purchase anything from any of the stores we visit. You can simply ride-along and observe. Shopping as a group, will enable us to get a group discount!

Prior to coming out with the group, you can schedule to have an interior decorator visit your home and take inventory/analyze what you have in mind for your space. You will have the guidance and expertise to help you transform your living space into that warm, relaxing, welcoming feeling you wish to have every time you open the door of your home.

Let go shopping ladies!



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