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Welcome to the San Diego International Meetup group!

We're a group of fun and adventurous individuals interested in multi-cultural exchanges and experiences. We have native English speakers from America as well as many English as a Second Language (ESL) speakers from all over the world. We love to get together for conversation over coffee and food, hiking, eating at restaurants, participating in cultural activities, etc. We seek to build an international community of people who are interested in learning about and understanding different cultures, making friendships across nations, creating unity through diversity, and most of all, having tons of fun! We love this group and we're very proud to be a part of such a wonderful circle of friends from around the world. Join us sometime! If you feel like this group is a fit, we'd love to meet you!


Just a few group policies:

RSVPing for events:

-Standard events: We understand that life happens and now and then you may miss an event that you signed up for but please do your best to keep your RSVP up to date. Organizers are volunteers who do a lot of work to create great events for us all!

-"No Flake" events: If you miss more than two of these events without updating your rsvp you will be removed from the group. Some events require that the host have an accurate idea of how many people are attending, as they may have to reserve a table or other accommodations for a certain # of people and there may be a waitlist. I have asked my organizers to note this in the write up for these types of events and if members miss two of these types of events without updating their RSVP or contacting the organizer then they will be subject to removal from the group.

Regardless of the type of event, please try to keep your RSVP up to date, even if it's a last minute change; organizers and other members are looking forward to seeing you! Let's not disappoint them :)

Profile Pictures: We require that you post a profile picture so when you and other members attend events, it will be easier for everyone to recognize each other and find the group! If you find that posting your picture is drawing unwanted posts and emails from trolls, see below and contact us.

Harassment... for the .01% that don't understand Meetup.com: Meetup is a forum designed to meet people in person in a casual, group setting. We're here to make new friends and if by chance, you end up dating someone, great! However, this is NOT an online dating forum; please join Match or Cupid for that. Cruising people's profiles and contacting them through the website for dating purposes will not be tolerated. If someone is emailing you through your profile in an inappropriate manner, please contact us so we can do our best to remedy the situation and keep this a fun and comfortable group!

Suggestions: If you have suggestion for the group or would like to lead an event, please let us know!

Thanks for being a part of our group and I hope you have a great experience!

Upcoming events (1)

FULL MOON BONFIRE POTLUCK PICNIC! July 22nd, Bring good food & FIREWOOD! Music!

Great FUN last time! Nice crowd, some dancing and lots of food! Multi-groups POTLUCK picnic BONFIRE Friday July 22nd! Steve is fully Moderna vaccinated.

Please bring dry firewood if you possibly can! Put some in your car, check CL free section for some in your area! No whole pallets, you must break them up first. Any Karaoke singers? Bluetooth speakers there!

Dress for likely nice day and cold evening with warm jackets in your car. BRING YOUR BEACH CHAIRS! Some DRY FIREWOOD if you possibly can!
Your name AND true recognizable face picture of YOU are REQUIRED!

But NO ALCOHOL or glass bottles allowed on City beaches!
Celebrate with some of your International Friends and a bunch of possibly new friends from 15 other social groups tonight!

Grab your beach chairs, nice potluck food and utensil for it, case of sodas, a jacket in your car, and some dry firewood much appreciated!

Main courses or big entrees are best for this potluck group, bring something that YOU would like to eat, so then you know it will be there. Pre-cooked food, unless you also bring a BBQ and fuel to cook your food. Cutting everything into small pieces is best!

If you need ideas, plan something YOU like or stop by Costco and pickup a party tray or their spiral turkey sandwiches, chicken tenders, etc. Or bring large fresh pizzas! Or cases of sodas or water!

NO ALCOHOL! (or glass) is allowed on City beaches, they might come around and check. They DID drive by on beach a couple years ago!

Potluck starts about 5pm but come early or whenever you can for best parking, maybe play games or walk a few miles along beautiful Mission Bay while you are down there.

Steve will go very early and most likely get the furthest West double picnic tables and closest fire ring. ( The Sun sets in the West, for non-scouts ) Walk the sidewalk to the North-West end and then look for us at the double picnic tables and closest fire ring nearby.

Coming North on H-5 take Clairemont Dr offramp and turn West, crossing 5 and then turn right onto E Mission Bay Dr. Go to De Anza Rd.

Coming South on H-5 you may take Balboa/MBayDr offramp( or if very heavy traffic at Balboa ramp just continue South on 5 to Clairemont Dr turn off ), proceed straight on Mission Bay Dr thru six stoplights before taking sharp right turn from right lane just before entering 5 South again, quickly merge West into N Mission Bay Dr, turn right at stopsign and go North to De Anza Rd.

IF you miss that sharp right turn and end up on H-5 South, you can still take the next offramp Clairemont Dr and get on E Mission Bay Dr going North along there to De Anza Rd.

Please bring some dry firewood, thank you!

You are solely responsible for your safety and well being on any event posted by this group! No organizer/host of this group is in any way liable for any injury or misfortune that could occur. Rsvp YES here confirms your full acceptance of all responsibility.


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All Day Baja Winery Tour - Valle de Guadalupe

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