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Calling all tall and small Auckland film enthusiasts! Do you enjoy a good natter after a film and don’t want to go to the movies alone? Then let's sit together! We go to international film festivals held in Auckland, and any other inspired films that pop up at our local cinemas. We are very grateful to Splice Auckland for hosting and encouraging us!


Basically, this meetup heads for those films that have been recognised and awarded as artistically compelling and significant at international film festivals. That doesn’t guarantee a film that we will all like of course, but it is a start. Our “home cinema” is the Academy in Lorne St, Auckland by the library. I check films out by looking at the website “Rotten Tomatoes” for reviews (love that site). If the film gets over 90% on the Tomatometer (TM), that is a significant recommendation. If the film is showing on the $5.00 Wednesday, that is great; if not, pity, but it is more important to see the film. We usually have one or two meetups a month. A good film takes time to savour before taking on the next one. The Academy publishes the screening times Thursday to Wednesday, so I will let you know on Thursday the meetup time for the following week. I try to choose a time to suit most people, ie evenings and weekends. After the screening, we discuss the film for 1 hour in our corner in the Academy lounge. Feel free to stay longer of course.

There are also film festivals coming to Auckland, but more on that later.

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Rabbit-Proof Fence Australia

Ellen Melville Centre

Rabbit-proof Fence (Australia, 2002) “Visually beautiful and well-acted, Rabbit-Proof Fence tells a compelling true-life story”. I loved the kids in this gfilm, the Australian outback and the symbolism of that darned fence. 86% liked it. Nominated for the Golden Globe

The Strength of Water (NZ 2009)

Ellen Melville Centre

The Strength of Water is Kiwi film which was very well regarded but didn't get a lot of attention. The Herald Sun in Australia noted: "The Acting, cinematography and a beautiful array of stunning open-air locations are all worth the price of admission." It is set in the Hokianga and tells the story of a small town pulled apart - but no spoiler alerts. The Dominion reviewer wrote "The Strength of Water is a terrific wee film, it may never get the exposure or international kudos of Whale Rider - with which it is going to be endlessly and pointlessly compared - but I liked it a great deal. Do go and see it". Exactly our sort of film.

Entre Nous (France, 1983)

Ellen Melville Centre

Entre Nous was nominated for the best foreign language film for the Academy Awards in 1983. It didn't win, but a reviewer wrote: "In 1983, we debated: Is the film feminist? Are the women lesbians? All relevant questions. But the movie is so well-acted by Miou-Miou and Isabelle Huppert, so moving, and so personal, it's a highlight of 80s French cinema."

Kolya (Czech Republic, 1997)

Ellen Melville Centre

This film won the best foreign language film at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Award for best film. It is set in the late '80s when the Soviet block is starting to disintegrate. It is a poignant story of people trying to get to (West) Germany and the emotional effects on families and individuals. The film received critical acclaim (92% of people liked it on the Rotten Tomato audience score) but was one of those movies that didn't get a lot of attention beyond Europe. Hence we are showing it.

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life is Beautiful Italy (1997)

Ellen Melville Centre

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